Restorative justice and community accountability 17.01.18

Join a group of Bristol based activists for a food and discussion evening around community accountability in anarchist scenes. We all have experiences of conflict within our groups, often leading to burnout, stress, anxiety, worries and frustrations. Our campaigns lose energy and become derailed, friends fall out, people are excluded from spaces and some groups implode altogether.

We invite you to discuss:

What are the solutions? How can communities pull together to show more responsibility/accountability? What skills are needed? Can restorative approaches be used successfully? How can we support our groups to remain strong and focussed during times of conflict?

If there is enough interest we’re hoping to organise training around community building, conflict resolution and mediation skills for community organisers and activists within Bristol. So please invite anyone you think may be interested!

Food 6:30pm and chat from 7-8pm.