Resist Surveillance infonight 09.11

2018. What a year it’s been in the world of surveillance, anti-surveillance and cop watching!

We’re pleased to welcome the mighty Privacy International back to the awesome BASE for an update on what’s new when it comes to “Policing in the age of data exploitation.”

Privacy International will also be joined by Liberty’s Hannah Couchman to discuss a joint campaign focusing on enhancing transparency and local accountability of police surveillance technology!

We’re also as equally pleased to welcome back DPG Law and the Open Rights group and we’ll also be joined by Bristol Defendant solidarity and Bristol Anarchist Black Cross.

So what’s on the agenda?

Privacy International – Policing in the age of data exploitation (November update)

Privacy International and Liberty – Accountability of surveillance technology

DPG Law -Surveillance and our rights how we fight back (November update)

The Open Rights Group – Online surveillance and us, why digital freedom matters

Resist Surveillance- Community control of surveillance and us / Resisting state repression

Bristol Defendant Solidarity – Who are BDS?

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross – Building a “user friendly” security culture.

Join us for another great evening covering all things anti surveillance and beyond! 6 til 9pm.

We’re new around these parts and donations are not only welcome but shared with BASE!

Food and refreshments on the day

We’d prefer no photography to respect people’s privacy!