Anarchism against the turkish state

Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)

Talk and discussion

Thu 7th Nov 2019

Vegan meal from 6.30pm, talk 7.30pm.

DAF are an anarchist organisation that has been organising within Turkey, Syria and the surrounding areas for the last 10 years.

During this time they have faced a lot of repression from the state and from ISIS. Despite this, they have created their own economy to be able to sustain themselves and their projects, done many inspiring actions, have different groups with several magazines and a monthly newspaper, weekly talks, and are the first anarchists to raise a flag at Newroz (Kurdish new year) celebrations.

A truly inspiring group that is well-organised and work intersectionally, with solidarity and mutual aid at its core.

A member of the Anarchist Federation, who has recently visited DAF, will give a presentation followed by discussion on what we can learn from DAF, and apply this to anarchism in the areas we organise.