Bristol Women’s Strike

Feminists of all genders come and strike with us on International Women’s Day in Bristol!!!

On International Women’s Day millions of women across the world will go on strike. We will strike from the work we do – regardless of whether we get paid or not. We will strike from the violence we suffer as women.

Everyday, we cook, shop, clean, chaperone, comfort othes. Without our work there would be no society, and the profits will stop flowing.
To keep profits flowing we are forced into working more and more, so that we have less time and more things to buy- from cars to childcare to frozen meals- all to reinforce the power of the few that continue to destroy the planet.

Women have already suffered the burden of a decade of austerity and with Brexit it will be even harder. The cost of childcare in Britain is so high that many of us are trapped in low-paid, undervalued and unrewarding work.

When we strike we defy those who continue not to believe us when we are harassed, attacked and raped every day all over the world: at work, school, home or in the streets. Last year, more than 100 women were killed in England and Wales. But we are still not listened to.

The feminist movement is what keeps us moving forward. The 8th of March is our day. It is an intersectional and revolutionary day, with a clear political message. On 8th of March, all the women of the world are invited to join the FEMINIST STRIKE.

Our identities are different. We are trans, lesbians, migrants, sex workers. The list is endless. But we are all together fighting for the same reasons.

Come and join millions of women and non-binary people across the world in fighting for a feminist future. When we stop, the world stops with us! Expect music, free food, punk aerobics, English performance of the Chilean ‘A rapist in your path, speeches, kids’ football and other children activities, feminist education and demo where we will be marching together.


The demo will be accessible for those with any physical impairment and designated reduced mobility spaces will be available for the entire duration of the event. As we will meet in central Bristol, a list of nearby accessible toilets will be made available before the event. We will make sure people in wheelchairs, with reduced mobility and any other kind of disability will be able to be in the front, leading and enjoying the demo.

Some of the organisers will undergo a Visual Impairment Awareness Training. If you have received training and would like to assist during the event, please get in touch.

We are looking for a qualified BSL interpreter to assist us during the entire duration of the event. Please get in touch if you, or anyone you know, can help with this!