Support BASE

This is a callout for support for our social centre. The cafe is our primary source of income for the community co-operative and now it is closed we will struggle to pay the bills.

Do you value autonomous spaces providing genuinely affordable, not for profit healthy food, skillsharing, meeting and events space and so much more?

Do you support non hierarchical organising and grassroots projects, working hard for a better world?

Do you believe in the need for inclusive, safer spaces?

Please support BASE social centre through difficult times. Our social centre has been so useful for so many people, groups and campaigns over the years and has contributed so much to radical politics in Bristol. Let’s help BASE continue this work. Please donate what you can either via the crowdfunder linked below or direct to BASE’s bank. Our bills are around £1000 for 3 months. Your support and solidarity is much appreciated. Please share this crowdfunder around your friends, family, comrades and contacts. Take good care and stay solid together.

Bank details are:
kebele community co-op
sort code 089299
acc. number 65387412