Base cafe needs you!

BASE Cafe is on the lookout for people / groups to cook & host a Sunday dinner – wanna cook up a storm??
Get in touch!
Annnnnd got any films you wanna show, one you made yourself or a blockbuster with some good morals?? Pop us a message – we can help with all tech set up etc.
Just wanna enjoy food & films, then come on down to BASE on Sundays… open for cuppas from 4pm, food served and 6, then movies at 7pm

Email for more info

social anarchism – board games!

Social Anarchism – Boardgames

We can’t have social movements without social connections!

Boardgames are back at BASE every other Wednesday eve from 27th April (then 11th May, 25th May etc)

. Join us for a pay-what-you-can evening of gaming, chilling, vegan snacks and cups of tea starting 6.30pm.
We’ll have games, including ones with explicitly radical themes like; Bloc by Bloc, Civil Power, Riot: Cast The First Stone, Suffragetto, and Disarm The Base. You are of course welcome to bring your own!
No prior gaming experience required, we’ll help folks through the rules of games that are new to them.

Please be aware BASE is an actively anti-oppressive space, please familiarise yourself with what that means here []

We want to continue to keep each other safe from covid 19 so please do a lateral flow test before coming and wear a mask if you can. It helps with the urban guerilla look for boardgaming too!

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Ukraine herbal solidarity project 27.03

Come and join us this Sunday in supporting the Ukraine Herbal Solidarity project. We are making medicine to be taken to the Medyka Border Crossing in Poland next week. We need extra hands decanting litres of tinctures into small bottles, and bagging up tea blends.

You can come anytime between 10-2pm, but please let us know in the comments what time you plan on coming so we can organise.

Lateral flows and masks advised to make the space accessible for all.

Snacks provided.

About the project:

Ukraine Herbal Solidarity is organising a herbal medicine tent at the Medyka Border Crossing in Poland. This is the biggest crossing on the Poland-Ukraine border which thousands of people pass through each day fleeing the Russian Invasion and destruction of their homes.

Ukraine Herbal Solidarity is a grassroots response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Herbal medicine is part of an integrative medicine approach – it is not a stop-gap in place of more appropriate medical resources and we always work as part of an ecology of provision with other medical services. Herbal medicines are powerful tools in terms of health resilience, preventative medicine, self-care support and first aid. They offer stress, nervous system and immune support in unique ways.

You can read more about the project and donate to the crowdfunder here:

Facebook event:

We need space – cafe and film night 27.03

Vegan dinner served from 6pm. Pay what you can to support BASE social centre.

We are showing this powerful documentary about land rights in England, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and it’s impacts and the effects of HS2. Film starts 7pm.

With covid rates high again, please do a lateral flow test before coming to BASE and wear a mask when not eating or drinking if you can. Let’s carry on looking after each other!

Base for Anarchy & Solidarity in Easton