Finance / Admin sub-collective

Whilst finances and record-keeping remains a key responsibility for all of Kebele  members, a few keen individuals have set up a sub-collective to improve admin systems and ensure the finances are in good order.

The collective will:
– Reconcile cash payments, bank accounts, and the accounts book. Make systems improvements where necessary.
– Take responsibility for payments of bills and similar.
– Ensure payments in, including rent, are recorded & monitored.
– Where possible obtain more environmentally sustainable & improved contracts of service ie for utilities, IT.

Once all that is done, dusted, and under control, the collective will investigate the possibility of raising funds from ethical  sources (see funding statement below). So proceeds from robbing banks where nobody gets hurt may be cool, whilst mugging your own kind is a no no!

If you have a flair for, or a desire to improve – book keeping, admin systems & fundraising skills, then get in touch fast. Email kebelesocialcentre@riseup.netand note that patience is a prerequisite for this team.

If you would like to make a donation, of any amount, Thanks! Please contact us for details.

If you have any questions about Kebele’s financial management then please ask, and we will do our best to answer.

Kebele’s Statement on Funding (June 2006)

Kebele social centre members have recently reassessed our position on the acceptance of funding, and wish to make it known to the wider activist community, for the sake of openness and transparency.

Since Kebele came into existence in 1995 self organised social centre, Kebele has consciously avoided accepting external funding, with a view to maximising autonomy and preventing the development of dependency and compromises which often come with financial help from grants, organisations and charities.

Recently, as part of ongoing and productive discussions about the future of Kebele, members have talked about the possibility of re-thinking the funding issue. With so many quango type pseudo community organisations squandering free money on bottomless cash pit projects (read expenses ), perhaps it’s time to redistribute the wealth, and put it to good use? In the context of upcoming significant building repairs and organisational changes, we agreed, at a Kebele core meeting in April, to accept funding from now on for specific projects, on a case-by-case basis. We recognise the importance of not allowing funding to compromise our politics or to undermine our efforts towards autonomy, and this will be at the forefront of any decisions we make.

With this in mind, Kebele will only accept funding on the following principles:
1. Any funding proposal to be agreed at  Kebele co op or general meetings.
2. No interference or conditions from donors.
3. No publicity for donors.
4. Careful consideration of ethical and political implications of each case.

So don’t worry, you won’t be seeing corporate logos over the door or anything like that. Kebele remains a place for self-management, autonomy and collective action for a better world.