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BASE infoshop fundraiser

BASE infoshop collective have launched this fundraiser:


Please share widely across all your networks and with all your friends and comrades. Support your local anarchist infoshop through the tough times. We have so much liberating reading material and music that needs to get off those shelves! Here’s just a few examples of some of the awesome new stuff we got in during lockdown:

Moscow Death Brigade “Bad Accent Anthems” new album on vinyl and CD: Circle pit hip hop guaranteed to get you stomping!


The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions: COVID-19, Corbyn and ‘Crisis’

Text from the UK reflecting on anarchy, “democracy”, coronavirus, and
responses to the pandemic…

We started to write this text last December, just after the general
election in England, in response to the huge number of anarchists who
voted…. then coronavirus hit. Struggling to make sense of the new
context we are in, we wondered if our critique of “democracy” (and the
surge of Labour voting anarchists) in the UK was appropriate.  Some may read this text as an unsympathetic distraction from a global “crisis”. We hope our humble (but fiery) reflections will spark some much needed discussion. Now is the time for difficult questions….and as there will be no return to “normal”, we decided to publish it now.

Bust Card zine

From the intro: “We are ecological and anti authoritarian :) We stand for collective liberation and global revolution. We hold a vision for a better world, one which we believe we can achieve. We stand in international solidarity with struggles everywhere. We have to be intersectional in this fight. This system is not broken. It’s working exactly as it’s meant to. That is the problem”

Support BASE

This is a callout for support for our social centre. The cafe is our primary source of income for the community co-operative and now it is closed we will struggle to pay the bills.

Do you value autonomous spaces providing genuinely affordable, not for profit healthy food, skillsharing, meeting and events space and so much more?

Do you support non hierarchical organising and grassroots projects, working hard for a better world?

Do you believe in the need for inclusive, safer spaces?

Please support BASE social centre through difficult times. Our social centre has been so useful for so many people, groups and campaigns over the years and has contributed so much to radical politics in Bristol. Let’s help BASE continue this work. Please donate what you can either via the crowdfunder linked below or direct to BASE’s bank. Our bills are around £1000 for 3 months. Your support and solidarity is much appreciated. Please share this crowdfunder around your friends, family, comrades and contacts. Take good care and stay solid together.


Bank details are:
kebele community co-op
sort code 089299
acc. number 65387412