Edith Sim, Dean of SEC and Head of Bullying, is going. After three years in the job, in which she earned a reputation for aggression and bullying of the staff who crossed her path, she is slinking out. She along with the other imported deans has pushed the neoliberal agenda adopted by Kingston and other universities. Staff are expendable, undervalued and generally treated with the contempt by Sim and her “management” colleagues. Many have been forced out on her watch; “retirement” became like a Blade Runner euphemism.

Is she retiring herself? Let’s hope so. No other university should have to tolerate her incompetent management style, though no doubt there are a few VCs out there who wouldn’t mind hiring another bruiser. Perhaps her exit might encourage another lousy manager to go, the arch bully of them all who probably pushed Sim about a bit too. How about it Joolsy?

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3 Responses to Cheers

  1. edith sim says:

    By the way I do not slink!

  2. edith sim says:

    Dear Colleagues, I hope that my name in response is published. I would not want to hide behind anonymity. I am retiring. Unlike many am returning volunarily to support fund raising, mentoring of those who wish (and there are many who do not share this view). I am sad to read such cowardly comments.
    However I hope that if you do reveal yourself, I would be happy to have a debate with you.
    Edith Sim

    • kingston says:

      Thank you for your comments. This blog’s policy is to maintain the anonymity of its posters so that they may be protected from the repercussions sure to follow should their identity become public. Academic freedom now only exists for those who have retired. Protecting livelihoods is not a matter of cowardice or courage, just common sense. However, cowardice is an attribute often associated with bullying.

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