A Dean in a Windmill

A Dean in a Windmill by Ronnie Hilton Tuninga

A dean lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam
A windmill with a dean in and he came to Kingston
He sang every morning, “How unlucky my staff
To work in a faculty run by an arse”

I saw a dean
There on his chair
Where on his chair?
Right there!
With a pal from HR
Well I declare
Going Sack-sackitty-sack from his chair
Oh yeah

The dean he got witless, decided to rank
His staff’s performance, with pressure enormous
They sang every morning, “How unlucky we are
Working in a faculty with this farkar”*


First he chose papers to give a few points
Then he played ranker, the steaming great banker
He sang every morning, “I’ll sack who I can
They’ll all end up jobless in old Amsterdam


A dean worked at Kingston, so smug and so right
There’s nobody there now but a whole lot of shite
Oh yeahhhhh

*Dutch colloquialism for incompetent manager
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1 Response to A Dean in a Windmill

  1. _russellgroup says:

    Where I come from it would be
    “With a pal from HR
    Well I declare
    Going White-washety-white from his chair
    Oh yeah”
    The old HR-Dean pincer. How lovely to have it immortalised in song !

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