Down and Dirty

Like a dodgy PR company, Kingston University has begun profiling members of its staff on Staffspace, the website that buries all its useful information. The latest is none other than our long serving Deputy Vice Chancellor, David “Dirty” Mackintosh. Not exactly a riveting read, it does however reveal that Dirty counts our ex and now much missed VC, Peter Scott, among his principal role models. Curiously, he also claims he is now learning from our current VC, old Ratty himself.

There is a contradiction here. If we can contrast Scott to Weinberg, most would describe the former as consensual and supportive in his style of management, whereas Ratty would be and is described in rather less flattering terms — in short, a bully. So can we assume that Dave Mac learned how to treat people well from Peter Scott, in which case what is he learning from Ratty? Answer: how not to treat staff. The sad truth would appear to be that Dave “Dirty” has only too readily ditched the Scott style in favour of the Rat’s. Once a principal lecturer himself, he seems happy enough to go along with the abuse of current PLs through Ratty’s cruel demotion scheme. Generously we might say he is protecting his arse. Less generously we may conclude he is betraying his principles and the staff.

At least he has achieved one good thing. That ghastly moustache of his younger years has gone.

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