Hang out more bunting

Heigh ho, another day, another newspaper award for Kingston — listed as a university under 50 years old with an international reputation. The flags are waving out of the River House windows, the SMT are breaking out the inexpensive prosecco, the rest of the staff are unimpressed. What the crowing doesn’t mention is that Kingston’s place is in the bottom 50 of the 150. We score well on “international outlook” (76.8), whatever that may be, though rather less impressively on teaching (21.3) and research (15.3). Not exactly cause for celebration then.

To be fair awards of this kind might just draw the attention of potential overseas students, an income source that may prove very important for Kingston’s survival in our Russell dog eat dog world of HE. Ratty will naturally big this one up for all he’s worth, which is a fair amount compared to the rest of the staff. His eye is on the governors. Awards make him seem that he’s doing a good job (even if many of the ex-polys are winning the same tarnished prizes). Approval of the Board of Governors: tick. Big pay award: tick. More opportunity to blame and bully the staff over poor teaching and research ratings: tick.

Ratty will have to excuse the rest of us if we’re just a bit underwhelmed. How long till Kingston wins an award for good management. Agggghhhhh.

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