New Music course – check it out

Yo, lissen up dudes. Me is da new MC in da tunes dept, wot is officially called Musak. Me name is Prof Phil S Tine. Just call me Da Prof. Yous is finkin, wot happened to the well fit previous main geezer? Somefink to do wiv league tables. Hers NSS scores was rank.

So, bruv, we is startin some serious new courses innit. We aint boverin wiv no Beetroot nor Bark. Me dont dig veg or dogs an stuff, know wotahm sayin.

Ma main man, Prof Spier, who has a fing about cuckoo clocks, wants stuff for the kidz. So we is scrappin everythin and gettin a BA in Hip Hop in da house, and some badass lechurers to learn it em. Students dont need no entry quals, so long as theys good at scratchin and gotta natural musikfaculty innit. So here up the Kingston Hill massive, we is doin heavy shit. Me bruva, me mate Billy Bookah will advize on wicked dressin up as Dave Bowie who him sez was well batty.

So Coolhurst is where its happenin. We is goin to be lit every night an well up da league tables. Respect. Keep it real.

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4 Responses to New Music course – check it out

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Nothing wrong with hip hop or studying hip hop, just the management techniques/regimes.

  2. Artressa Phunding says:

    The department is a joke, and will now become even more of a joke. Just a place where those without a clue can pursue their dreams of stardom.

  3. Tom says:

    Go places Go Kingston innit!

  4. Puff Daddy says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a BA in Hip Hop, however, in this case the music staff were forced to write a new course which is outside of their main expertise (at least for many of them). “Either teach pop or I’ll close you down” was the Dean’s pronouncement last June – oh and when you’ve written the BA in pop I’ll sack you anyway…(Well he was thinking that bit).

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