Stoned again

Another resignation from HR, this time the boss himself, Dean Morleys-Ghost. Either he was pained at the treatment the management required him to mete out to staff (unlikely), or he saw a lot of work coming up as the mismanagement’s Plan 20-Sackings-Per-Month kicks in. All that wrangling with the Union, all the concocting of specious legal arguments on why the University can do what the fuck it likes — all a bit much for the Dean of Expendable Human Resources.

Luckily, there was a ready replacement, Kingston’s well paid HR consultant, Simon Stoned. In case you haven’t heard of him, this was the expert dropped in to sort out the Promotions & Progression scandal. His big ideas? The “critical friends” for AP transition whose views were disregarded by the panels, and the “what good looks like” notion. Despite Stoned’s best paid efforts, no one does, least of all the scrapings of the SMT who made these “decisions”.

Oh to be a manager — good money, unaccountable, incompetent as you like.

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  1. KBS Thribb says:

    Did he jump or was he pushed?
    The Business and Law ‘COO’ has moved into a professors office in the Business School.

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