New EDI boss

Once again the University has missed an opportunity. This blog suggested that a suitable replacement at EDI for Nona McDuffer OBM (Order of the Bad Manager) would be her capable deputy Cheryl Jordan, but suspected she would not be chosen. Perhaps Cheryl didn’t want the job — what fair-minded person wants to be a manager at KU? Or did she just not have the bullshit-speak to impress the VC?

Instead an academic from Geography, Annie Hughes, has got the job. Now this is a somewhat curious choice. From her point of view, escape from the threatened School of Geography is a good idea, and no doubt the money is better. But what are her qualifications to ensure Kingston adheres to its touted commitment to equality? Well, she has done some pedagogic work on the underachievement of BME students. And that’s about it. In the AP transition nightmare, which she was affected by, Annie kept her head very low. No sign of commitment to equable treatment of staff there. Not exactly an encouraging history. Still, indifference to staff welfare is certainly not an obstacle to a management post at Kingston. Let’s just hope she does a better job than her predecessor.

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