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Happy Christmas to all our readers

For many of us at Kingston this has not always been the happiest time of year. Threats of demotion and redundancy often intensify in December and this year is no different: January will bring more redundancies, voluntary and compulsory. One … Continue reading

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Where are they now Part 36

One does not suppose many of us spare much time wondering about the first of the hopeless SMT to go, Lesley-hyphen-Jane E-R, but readers may be amused by this from Twitter, forum for abusers and deranged politicians everywhere. LJER vents … Continue reading

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Soimon sez

Oi you lot! Awright! Yer, s’me, Soimon, guvvner up the HR. As yer know, oi’m from Essex, the fahkin best coun’y in Engerland. S’why oi always ’ave me ’olidays dahn Sahfend. Naaw, open yer lugoles cos oi’ve gotta few fings … Continue reading

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Taking a Bath

Dissenter’s Blog has not mentioned the dubious goings-on at other universities around the country for a while: too much happening at Kingston. Yet the corruption that is infecting us is infecting others too. An article in The Guardian by Aditya … Continue reading

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