Taking a Bath

Dissenter’s Blog has not mentioned the dubious goings-on at other universities around the country for a while: too much happening at Kingston. Yet the corruption that is infecting us is infecting others too. An article in The Guardian by Aditya Chakrabortty attacks the obscene pay awards of vice-chancellors at Bath and Manchester (where 140 staff are going to be sacked) plus benefits normally associated with big plutocratic bosses who run major companies, sometimes into the ground.

The article points out the reason: the boards that govern the universities are populated with industry fat cats, well used to nodding through their own massive pay awards. Money for these riches comes from the staff (1% pay rises standard now) and the students through fees and high accommodation costs (remember the UCL rent strike?). Kingston’s governors are similarly drawn from business, with just a smattering of staff representatives. Looks like KU’s desire to be a big university has succeeded on that point.

Still, some good news. Bath’s cossetted VC resigned the same day the article was published. Well, sort of. Over a year’s salary to come, plus the car, and the super-plush Georgian house. The price of talent eh?

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