Where are they now Part 36

One does not suppose many of us spare much time wondering about the first of the hopeless SMT to go, Lesley-hyphen-Jane E-R, but readers may be amused by this from Twitter, forum for abusers and deranged politicians everywhere. LJER vents her bile on British Airways with all the sense of entitlement she can muster, complete with copious exclamation marks!! Well she is a member of the exec club. Wonder how many claims for club class travel she made at Kingston.

Not that this blog would for a minute defend corporate behemoths, who care as much for their customers as Kingston University does for its staff. But LJ’s choice of phrasing is fun for those of us who experienced her general management incompetence. MANAGEMENT A JOKE!! we might have echoed over the years. Now she has gone to the academics’ graveyard of the unemployable, her own consultancy — specialism, how to piss off all your staff.

By the way, that’s a very old photo LJ.

Thanks to a reader for the image.

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