Where are they now Part 36

One does not suppose many of us spare much time wondering about the first of the hopeless SMT to go, Lesley-hyphen-Jane E-R, but readers may be amused by this from Twitter, forum for abusers and deranged politicians everywhere. LJER vents her bile on British Airways with all the sense of entitlement she can muster, complete with copious exclamation marks!! Well she is a member of the exec club. Wonder how many claims for club class travel she made at Kingston.

Not that this blog would for a minute defend corporate behemoths, who care as much for their customers as Kingston University does for its staff. But LJ’s choice of phrasing is fun for those of us who experienced her general management incompetence. MANAGEMENT A JOKE!! we might have echoed over the years. Now she has gone to the academics’ graveyard of the unemployable, her own consultancy — specialism, how to piss off all your staff.

By the way, that’s a very old photo LJ.

Thanks to a reader for the image.

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3 Responses to Where are they now Part 36

  1. Near By Jim says:

    True, if she put up her real photo no one would follow her on twatter!

  2. Garmon Awfulshirts says:

    Interesting to hear from the previous respondee. I was just queueing up to comment on J-J E-R, however, so glad to be first so to do. She was keen to threaten KU staff in exactly the same hectoring and capitalised fashion she displays to this day, it seems. I hope the airline feels better soon. I certainly do. Merry Xmas, all.

  3. As a now ex-Kingston person by choice, I wonder why on earth I ever accepted a position there. I suspect it was in the mistaken belief that I needed an ‘academic’ affiliation in order to continue my personal research, having come from a Russell Group institution and actually having the skills to do so that my former Russell Group boss lacked (despite his professorial title). It seems that predatory, research-parasites abound across the UK academic sector (not confined to the REF-delusional ex-polys). For me consultancy is the way to continue research work, not possible in a re-badged poly. It stems also from the realisation that an academic affiliation is not required to publish (and let’s be honest, Kingston as an affiliation ain”t likely to do favours for an individual)). From what I have experienced in the UK, talented early career academics of integrity seem always targeted by less talented, mediocre more senior staff: bullying, harassment, undermining, mobbing – the whole shebang. This could be one area where Kingston may actually be at the top of the league table and, if a former Kingston bigwig could rate this, no doubt it would be an ‘Outstanding’ award for bullying. Yes, I have given up on teaching and am now consigned to consulting. But this is to fund my research time. I am lucky, having paid off my mortgage and bought all the equipment I require to devote time to my hobby: research. So academic graveyard? Maybe or maybe just the realisation that what much of UK so-called academic institutions offer academics is myth and bluster. Teaching is the elephant in the room. Those that preach it as the highest academic virtue are merely kidding themselves and not facing up to the reality that they themselves are the failed academics.

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