Enough! I’ve Had Enough Of These Fucking Prefaces!

Human beings were exploitative in nature. It was caused by their greed to want more and more and their lack of empathy as to how their actions impacted anyone else.
And that’s being their story since the beginning of creation.
The first exploitative human being was probably some prick from the Old Testament or the Quran.
It was passed down to each generation. And each one tried to outdo it’s predecessors.

How low can the human species stoop when left to live according to their own whims?
As of the year 2800, pretty fucking low, I might say.
This was the only species that was hell-bent on exploiting the planet to it’s absolute limits.
And that’s they needed direction. Human beings needed to be told what to do because they were too fucking stupid for their own good.
There was a reason why they had law and order, politicians and governments, education and economics. Without guidance, the average human was prone to make more stupid decisions than a cow. So much for the intelligence tests.

“What’s your IQ?”
My IQ is my foot stuck up your ass whilst you scream in pain.

So I grew above the law and order. The law was to keep the fucking idiots of the human population in check. I didn’t need to be checked. What I needed was freedom. But freedom could not be attained without the demise of human society.
Luckily for me, human civilization was cyclical. It started off with a few good men who expanded the population. As it grew bigger, it grew out of hand until people killed each other. Then the number died down until the population was back to a few good men. And then the cycle restarted.
The human civilization was self-culling. If you lived long enough, you could wait to see all the idiots kill each other until only the sane were left.

The saddest thing is that billions of animals, marine life and plant life were made extinct due to the actions of human beings.
From hunting to poaching to fishing to oil spills to sand mining to deforestation – humans left their impact on everything they touched; none of it positive.
Thousands of species became extinct within a few centuries.
The irony here is that humans themselves became victims of their own actions.
This is the price you have to pay for your greed and arrogance – You end up endangering your own species.

The human beings were very cunning. Any time they wanted to exploit something or somebody, they would market it as something good, something positive.
Those who weren’t bright enough were sold.
And everybody was sold.
I had made the mistake of trusting humans myself.
Trust is a part of human nature. We want to trust others, we want to believe them, we want to have faith in something or someone, because it gives us hope, and strength to keep pushing forward.
But what if our trust and faith is misplaced? What if our hopes are misled?
It was wishful thing. We wished that whatever people told us was the truth. We wished that they would only act in our benefit. We wished that they would help us, protect our interests, support us, love us, and take care of us. But is that what we got? No!

By the time I was 25 years old, I’d realized one thing: Human beings could not be trusted. No matter how nice they were to you, no matter how sweet their words were, no matter how polite they were, they could not be trusted.
Putting your trust in a human being was like inserting your hand in a snake’s pit.

The very same people that we trusted broke our trust time and again. Family members, friends, lovers, spouses, politicians, doctors, scientists, engineers, corporations – everyone was acting in their own selfish interests.
If you thought you were getting a good deal from someone who was being nice to you, that’s when you should’ve known, that you were getting really fucked.

If human beings could not care enough for each other, how could it even remotely be possible for them to care for their planet?
They were a bunch of goddamn liars and hypocrites. They said what they thought you’d want to hear, but what they really did was act according to their own selfish interests.
And the ground base for all this was money. Capitalism.

One thing that stabbed me in the heart, were the atrocities against the poor, the women and children. Atrocities committed in the name of religion, culture and traditional beliefs. Forced marriages, child marriages, slavery, rape and domestic violence were prevalent in many parts of the world for centuries. Whilst women in one part of the world had complete freedom, those on the other side were born prisoners. And the most powerful leaders in the world did nothing to help those people. They simply turned a blind eye to them. If the problem didn’t exist in your backyard, why worry? Right?

Yet Another Preface

Human beings were experts at shifting the blame when shit hit the fan. Nobody liked to take responsibility for their actions. That’s why the world transformed from a beautiful paradise into fucking hell within a span of 300 years!
But that’s not the only thing they were good at. Humans were also expert in shifting problems i.e. Each “solution” to a problem in turn generated an even bigger fucking problem!
Alternative to gas? Electric vehicles!
Alternative to hydroelectricity? Solar panels!
Alternative to coal? Nuclear fucking power!

The shifting problem had been a part of human nature long before I was born.
Whenever there was a mess, instead of finding a proper solution taking into account the entire planet and future of mankind, politicians and governments found it easier to hide the problems from public view.

What happened to the factory effluents that were untreated? Dump them into the river!
What happened to the trillions of tons of textile waste? Dump them in the landfills!
What happened to the nuclear waste? Bury them in underground septic tanks!
What happened to the trillions of tons of plastic waste? Dump them in the oceans!

The general thought process of these fools was that, if people didn’t see what was happening nobody would have to worry about a thing!
Since a lot of people lived in the cities, most of them didn’t have a clue what was going on. They never had to witness the great crimes their fellow humans were committing against their planet, lest it might trouble their conscious!

But the earth retaliated in it’s own way. All the plastics and garbage that was dumped far out in the ocean, was swept back onto the beaches. Humans loved the beaches. They loved walking on the beaches! They enjoyed sleeping butt naked on their beaches! And when the plastic garbage washed up on their beaches, it was a sight to behold!

The chemicals that the corporations sold to the farmers polluted the soil and killed it’s potency. Large strips of barren land became more common out in the countryside.

The trees that humans chopped off to make their cheap tables at Ikea, took their moisture with them. The land became barren. There was drought, and when it did rain, floods and landslides washed away the humans’ homes.

The air that factories and firecracker enthusiasts were polluting created a blanket of smog over the cities. You couldn’t see the sun during the day. And the oxygen was top quality! Perfect for nourishing the lungs of the residents!

The rivers that industries polluted killed all the fish and polluted the soil. Anything that grew on the farms watered by those rivers gave people cancer. The livestock that drank that water gave people cancer.

Humans were so focused on fucking the planet up, most of them didn’t even notice the planet reacting. Not until they were paying their hospital bills anyway.
Yet they had the audacity, the fucking nerve to call themselves the most intelligent species on the planet!

“How dare you!” ~ Greta Thunberg

Another Preface

The world was going through a technological revolution. It began with computers, before I was born. But the majority of the progress happened during my youth.
Laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, smart speakers, smart homes, smart monitors, smart sensors, smart cameras, smart refrigerators, smart TVs, smart toilets, smart washing tubs, smart floors, smart cars… the list was endless.
Everything smart was once a regular product. Then the nerds added WiFi and internet connectivity and cha-ching! It began raining dollars! Advertisers and marketers had endless orgasms. Billionaires had to get a vasectomy from wetting their pants too much. The capitalists could barely contain their excitement at this new opportunity to make money. It was a cash cow for the pricks at the top. And just the beginning of a nightmare for the general masses.

Everything smart was connected to the cloud. The smart devices generated data. The data was sent to the cloud for storage and analysis. The data was sold to the highest bidders. The data was bought by the biggest pricks to ever set foot in the capitalist world. And those pricks began to rape the consumers in every way possible.

The more information your enemy knows about you, the easier it is for them to beat you. In the capitalistic world, everyone was your enemy.

But the biggest development in technological revolution was in the field of genetic engineering. It was also the biggest secret kept from the general masses during my youth. Genetic engineering was the pandora’s box of the 21st century. Secret labs funded by governments and private organizations experimented with various viruses that “accidentally” leaked into the public.

The genetically engineered viruses proved to be quite effective in population control. When the government wanted to eliminate a large number of people in the most humane way possible, they resorted to the viruses. It was effective and raised the least suspicions.

As the century progressed, the viruses were being developed to target specific humans. Billionaires were gotten rid of, politicians were disposed of, and fear prevailed.

My biggest gripe with the humans from my time, however, is that none of them had been smart enough to create the zombie virus.
Aaaah yes! The zombie virus! This was the gift that kept on giving. There was no cure. If you kept a list of people who’d pissed you off, this was the greatest time to be alive. Thank you technology!

Here’s Preface! (Here’s Johnny Edition)

Climate was changing. There was no doubt about that. When I was a little boy, the rain was just enough to soak up into the ground, and fulfill the vegetation.

By the time I was an adult, the weather had become unpredictable. The seasons disappeared.
Regions which used to have 4 seasons now had 3, then 2.
Regions which had 3 seasons now had 2.
Regions which had 2 seasons now had 1.

The first season to disappear was the rainy season aka the monsoon. It hardly rained for a few days, if at all. And when it did, it was a thunderstorm and downpour that flooded entire cities and villages within a few hours. Then there was nothing.

It was quite alarming to see that there weren’t more than a dozen rainy days during an entire year.

But what was even more alarming was the change in seasons. Regions which had monsoons and summer now had winters with snowfall. There was snow in the fucking desert! In the middle of the fucking desert! How crazy is that?
I remember seeing now in Florida – fucking Florida! How the fuck does it snow in Florida?! There was snow in Greece, in Turkey and Morocco. Areas typically known for being warm and sunny were blanketed with snowfall. Snow was becoming more common in the Middle East.

Meanwhile regions which typically had spring were flooded with torrents of rain for several days without a break. The ground was soaked to liquidity. There were landslides and sinkholes. Houses and cars disappeared. Hundreds of human and animal lives were lost.

During the summer, the temperatures rose exponentially. It wasn’t surprising to see many cities doing over 100 degrees under the relentless hot sun. The skies were typically clear, and a few minutes in direct sunlight was enough to burn your skin.
Wildfires destroyed millions of trees each year. They were never replaced.

Sometimes there was no snow during Christmas. It felt strange to see dry land during the festive season. Then suddenly the entire region would be engulfed in snow within a few hours. Cars were buried deep in the snow. It was dangerous to be out on the roads driving without snow tyres.

One thing was certain: the winters were becoming progressively harsher each year. I used to be able to go to work in the early morning wearing a jacket and a beanie. A few years later, I wouldn’t dare walk outside without two jackets with a hoodie, a beanie and thick gloves.

There were flash rains and flash floods, heatwaves and cyclones.

Then there were the disturbing events. Thousands of birds dropped dead on the ground. Thousands of fish died in the rivers. Dozens of whales beached on the shore. The signs were all there. The common people were too weak to do anything. The rich pricks too cold to try either. They only cared abut the profits their corporations were making, even if it came at the cost of a billion lives.

Would You Like Some Preface?

Capitalism was based on trade and trade was based on exchanging goods and services.
But at some point, the goods and services were replaced with bullshit.
The banking, mortgage and insurance companies recognize this bullshit very well. After all, they INVENTED bullshit.
This bullshit was financed by the wealth of the rich pricks who, as we learned, stole it from the poor.

First, the housing prices rose. It began with a few thousand dollars, then a few hundred thousand dollars, and by the time I was a young man, an apartment in New York City could cost as much as 100 million bucks! Who the fuck, was buying these homes? Fuck knows!

Then there were the cars. The cars went from 30 grand to 100 grand and then 10 million. What kind of car would be worth 10 million bucks? I was stumped.

Then the land prices rose. If you wanted to buy a small piece of land in the city, you’d have to shell out a few million bucks. But if it was in the countryside, it was much less.

And the same could be said for special edition designer shoes and clothing and electronics and paintings! How could I forget that?!
A single painting priced millions of dollars – an abstract painting – just a canvas with a bunch of different colors splashed on it haphazardly – millions of dollars!
I could understand the value of art, but the paintings boggled my mind.
I could paint something better with my eyes closed and using just my penis as the brush. But would it be valued in millions? I highly doubt it!
And that, was capitalism in a nutshell. Considering the amount things were priced at, it was all bullshit.

Designer clothes, fashion trends and beauty products – it was all bullshit.
People didn’t need to buy clothes every month. They didn’t need to fill their bags with dozens of makeup kits. The women didn’t need silicon tits and botox injections.
But the media and advertisers made them feel insecure. If you were all natural, you were ugly. But if you bought their products and underwent their procedures, you would miraculously be turned into a beautiful damsel!

Similarly, the men were duped into using steroids to build more muscles. If you wanted to grow big, a simple protein shake wouldn’t suffice! Buy a dozen different supplements and some hormones to assist you!

The corporations told people how to look, how to dress, what to buy, and how to live. They even told people what to eat!
And the foolish masses followed blindly.

Somebody Put A Stop To These Fucking Prefaces!

Just like electric vehicles and solar panels, there was very little known about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency came about when I had just turned into an adult. And just like the banking, mortgage and insurance systems, nobody knew what the fuck crypto was all about.
But everyone wanted in on it.

Some guy wanted to put an end to the traditional banking and finance systems. Everyone knew the banks were fucking them over. But nobody had a solution. Until crypto came along.

The problem with cryptocurrency was that it was virtual currency. It existed inside your computing devices. If your hard drive crashed, you could lose millions. If your Microshit Windows crashed and you had to format your computer, good luck trying to recover your crypto wallet!
But that wasn’t big enough of a problem. Sure, there were a lot of people who lost their wallets due to some technological fuckup. But the elephant in the room was the sheer amount of electricity consumed by the computing devices to mine the cryptocurrency.
When I was a young man, it was estimated that the amount of electricity consumed by mining devices was enough to power an entire first world nation.

Cryptocurrency was definitely not green.
Then there were the scams – bitconnect and onecoin. Thousand of people lost their entire savings to these crypto which later turned out to be pyramid schemes. Ain’t that a bitch?

The solutions generated by humans turned out to be temporary patches at best, and fucking disasters at worst.

It was just another method for some pricks to try to get rich quickly. At the cost of 115 TWh of electricity.
Companies manufactured mining GPUs, then mining CPUs, and they were bought up by the greedy consumers who wanted to become millionaires in a short time.

And then, one day, somebody pulled the plug. Cryptocurrencies worth trillions of dollars disappeared into thin air. Transactions were made. People disappeared. The media went absolute ape shit on the nerds.
But it was done. Decades of mining virtual currencies that disappeared into thin air. All that electricity gone to waste. All those GPUs and CPUs that were dumped in the trash. It was just another technological invention that had proven to be a big fat lie.

Are You Getting Tired Of These Prefaces Yet?

I never quite understood why companies designed products that were difficult to open and repair.
A long time ago, waaay before I was born, products were built with repairability in mind. Everything could be taken apart, parts could be swapped; things were so simple, products outlasted the lifetimes of their owners.

But then some capitalist prick decided that he needed to make money every year until the end of his lifetime. So he introduced product designs that ensured the products would be useless once something went wrong or stopped working. If it was broke, there was nothing you could do to fix it. So you had to buy a new one.
Several decades later, there was plastic and e-waste everywhere. People couldn’t repair their electronic devices so they just dumped them and bought new ones. The e-waste was shipped across the oceans to third world countries, where they were dumped promptly in landfills that were the size of small cities.

Modern landfills weren’t just filled with electronics. They were also filled with textiles and plastics.
When the poor bums in third world countries burned these waste, they were subjected to poisonous gases that shot up into the atmosphere and changed the sky.

I remember Beijing was the first city where one couldn’t see the sky in the morning. The sky was always filled with smog from the air pollution in and around the city.
But nobody paid any attention.
And the air pollution became widespread.
The human lifespan went from somewhere around 90 down to adolescence. If you were lucky, you would live through your teens.
Most people didn’t make it past 30.

The mines of radioactive elements were left in hazardous conditions. Radioactive waste was dumped in open grounds. It affected the health of the poor villagers and everyone in the surrounding areas. Children were born with tumors and scary diseases. But nobody paid attention.
The corporations that had created the problem moved on. It wasn’t their problem anymore. As usual, the problem was passed on to the next generations.
Each generation of humans created bigger problems and left them behind for the next generation of idiots to deal with.

It’s not my problem. I’ll make money for the next 20 years, and retire to live in luxury.

This was the mentality of the average capitalist prick who’s actions affected the lives of thousands and millions of people.

Even More Preface

Everyone talked about saving the environment. Save the environment! Plant more trees! Don’t waste water!
Yeah yeah yeah. That’s all fine and mighty, but how many steps have YOU taken to save the environment? How many trees have YOU planted? How much water have YOU saved?

The corporations got away with it through useless marketing and advertisements. But the individuals found it harder to hide their hypocrisy.

Capitalism fueled the manufacturing and processing industries. The industries pumped poisonous water into the water sources. They released poisonous gases into the atmosphere. They dumped billions of tons of hazardous waste into open grounds.
And they did it because the governments failed to do their jobs. Some crooked politicians were paid off to ignore the matter, and some rich billionaire pricks counted off their money in their mansions.

The price was paid by the factory workers who worked in extremely dangerous conditions, and the population surrounding the factories, then by the rest of civilization living hundreds of miles away from the drainage sources.
In the end, we were all paying the price.
The air had become unbreathable. The tap water looked like piss. Organic food prices skyrocketed. The rest of the vegetables looked like they were manufactured by some factory in China. In fact, videos surfaced online showing fruits and vegetables made of plastic and filled with colored water and chemicals. It was scary. To think that you could end up with a plastic vegetable or fruit just because you were trying to save a few bucks…
There were chemicals everywhere. Fruit and vegetables were sprayed with chemicals to make them grow bigger or look riper. In fact, it was no secret that bananas were ripened by soaking them in chemical water overnight.
Human beings had fallen below the dignity of even animals. It was pathetic to see how low people were willing to stoop just to make fast money.

Here’s how capitalism works: First they manufacture a problem to disturb the people, then they present the solutions that they’d invented before the problems existed.
The people think, “Wow! Technology has improved so much! It is saving lives!”
To which I said, what a bunch of fucking idiots!

First they polluted the water sources, then they sold us water purifiers. Then they polluted the air, and sold us air purifiers. Then some prick came up with subscription based models. The equipment you bought would only function if you paid the monthly subscription fees. When the payments stopped, the equipment just at there, gathering dust.

At some point in time, human beings had become dispensable and expendable.
Millions of lives were being used up and discarded to feed the giant system of greedy corporations and corrupt governments.
The only ones to profit were the people at the top. They didn’t care about the people. Not even the slightest. That explains why factory workers were exposed to hazardous and unhealthy working conditions for decades until someone spoke out or some activist or journalist discovered the problem.
And by the time the problem was discovered, thousands of lives would’ve been affected negatively. They weren’t compensated fairly. Instead the corporations threatened and silenced them. The stubborn ones were killed to send a message to the others.
Many factories had an open rule: Do not speak with journalists!

Any time some corporation denies access to journalists and activists, you can be sure they’re doing some very shady and illegal things in the dark.
But, there was no justice. The activists cried and yelled. Their pleas fell on deaf ears. The legal system was corrupt. Court cases carried on for decades and were almost always ruled in favor of the corporations.
There was no point in fighting. The poor suffered in silence. They knew they couldn’t stand against the corporations.

There was a lot of talk on Twitter and Facebook, mostly made by people who wanted their “GOOD BOY POINTS”. When people failed to gain attention through their regular nonsense, they would jump on the activism bandwagon and tweet something cool.

Some More Preface

The secret arsenal of capitalism lies in elusive presentation. And what better way could a disaster be sold to the deluded fools if it were not for targeted marketing and advertising?

A good salesman is one who can sell you unshielded radioactive waste wrapped in a gift box while having you think that you may have just won the jackpot.
It is indeed a jackpot, but not one you want lying around in your house.

I remember back when I was a young man, there were companies everywhere advertising green energy and ecofriendly clothes and vehicles and tech products. I remember a company named after a fruit which manufactured new device models every year, yet claimed to be recycling waste and becoming ecofriendly by not selling their stupid fucking chargers with their stupid fucking phones.

My generation weren’t born fools. They were turned into fools by the world around them. That world was controlled by grubby corporations, greedy politicians and a bunch of rich men who thought themselves competent to guide the rest of the population simply because they’d robbed the poor in order to become even more rich.
Little did people understand that being rich didn’t mean you were a genius. Even a fucking bum could become rich if he bathed in the blood of innocent lives. It was all about perspective.
As horrible as human beings were, many of them didn’t want to be directly involved in screwing over the poor. So they found others to do their dirty work for them, while they lived in their beautiful dreamy worlds filled with unicorns and angels.

The math was simple. If you were a cut-throat heartless son of a bitch, you climbed the ranks quickly and made more money. If you had even a tiny drop of humanity still left within your carcass, you were left behind.

None of the things advertised as green and ecofriendly lived up to their labels once you began digging beneath the surface. It was just one lie after another. Solar panels were not green. Electric vehicles were not green. Fashion clothing was not green. Electronic devices weren’t really green. NOTHING ON THE FUCKING PLANET WAS ACTUALLY FUCKING GREEN!
But the people fell for it. They were hypnotized by the marketing and advertising. They were blind sheep following their celebrities and role models and INFLUENCERS.
Influencers were the cancer of my generation. A bunch of idiots who sold mindless consumerism to the masses.

What the planet actually needed was less consumerism. We didn’t need to buy more cars, or build more houses, or buy more clothes, and shoes, and smartphones, and laptops, and all the rest of the stupid fucking bullshit that the corporations were shoving down our throats.
We were being raped by the politicians and the banks and the insurance companies and the universities. The whole system was designed to rape us in every orifice possible nonstop. Right from our childhood, we were thrown into the system and brainwashed into obedient mindless slaves. We were told what to do and what to think. We were told how to speak and how to dress and how to act. Every aspect of our lives was being dictated by a number of grubby bastards acting behind the scenes. We were merely puppets. With no significance of our own.

Each time someone broke out of the spell and realized how fucked the world was, they were immediately knocked the fuck out by the large corporations and the media and the politicians and the government. The little guy could never win against the system.

Yet somehow, everyone was illusioned into thinking that the world was making progress. WAS IT? I don’t fucking think so. The world was slowly being pushed back into the stone age. The only thing making progress was the bank accounts of the rich pricks who had too much power for the good of the people.

Capitalism bred consumerism. In order to make money, you needed to sell your product to the people. But when people didn’t need the product, the rich assholes created an artificial need for their bullshit products. Just like the drug dealers. Elon Musk and Tim Cook were no different from Carlos the cocaine dealer.

Buy our computers. But our laptops. But our shitty fucking Microsoft bullshit garbage. Buy our stupid electric vehicles.

And the reason why these pricks were idolized by the general masses is because people did not think outside the box. Nobody questioned how mass producing new smartphone models every year was actually helping to reduce e-waste. Nobody. Nobody questioned how lithium and graphite batteries were actually ecofriendly when their mines were some apocalyptic shit straight out of hell’s bottom. Nobody questioned how laying down copper cables to charge the electric vehicles across the entire planet was actually an ecofriendly move. It was all bullshit. This bullshit was the shitstorm created by mindless consumerism.

All one needed to stay alive was some good food, clean water, fresh air, and a warm bed. But were people satisfied with these? OH NO! They wanted to be trendy and modern. They wanted to be up to date and in fashion. They wanted a bunch of fucking likes and hearts from a mindless idiots on Instagram and YouTube. Hey guys! Looks at my new $5000/month apartment! Look at my fresh Nikes! Look at my designer jeans! Look at my beautiful face plastered with chemicals from makeup! Look at my silicon tits! Look at my new Tesla! Look at my new Macbook! Look at my new phone! Look at my steroid muscles! Look! Look! Look! Why don’t you leave a like and a heart! Why don’t you praise me in the comments! Boost my ego! I need validation from a bunch of fucking strangers because my own self respect and esteem is fragile! If you’re mean, I’ll cut my wrists!

The system had bred a generation of sensitive consumers of capitalist garbage who wanted to be told they were right because deep down in their dark hearts, they knew they were fucking wrong. Anything to console them eh? That’s what capitalism is for. Someone bring in the marketing team and advertisers to tell these pricks what they want to hear!

Yes Tommy, you have the latest Macbook. You are so cool!

More Preface

Wai-wai-wai-wait! Hold on a second! Hold on for a minute there! You mean to say that human beings never went to other planets?

They did. Or, they may have. But they didn’t survive.
The earth is the only habitable planet within the realm of human understanding.
It wasn’t a mystery.
What was mysterious was that even though humans knew earth was the only habitable planet, they still went through the entire effort and chain of events to try to go to other planets.

When I was a kid, I understood one thing perfectly: Human beings were selfish.
But it was far worse than that.
Each generation was more prude and selfish than it’s predecessors.

The thing about human beings is that, they don’t always mean what they say.
There were some great speeches about the “future of mankind” so to speak, but none of the speakers gave a rat’s ass about anyone beyond their immediate living family members, let alone their own future generations; what to speak about the future generations of complete strangers?

Human beings had always been short-sighted. If they wouldn’t be alive to see it, why would they care?
And this had always been the mindset of most human beings. If their actions didn’t affect them, immediately, then they probably didn’t care about the consequences.
They might say that they care. They might even act like it. But no, human beings were a very deceptive species. I understood that by the time I was just a young man. People would say whatever it is that they thought you wanted to hear, and then, they went on and did whatever the fuck they wanted to.

Capitalism destroyed the planet!

I heard that a lot in my youth. Capitalism was destroying the planet. But was it? Or was it human nature?
What exactly is capitalism? It is a way of life invented by humans. Why? Because human beings were selfish greedy bastards. Capitalism was simply a channel for that greed and selfishness. They created capitalism because it was more efficient at getting them what they wanted. A business deal was a more subtle way of getting through with your investors than just saying “Hey! Give me all your money!”
Everyone thought they were profiting. That’s what capitalism was.
Little did the average guy know that there was some guy at the top of the chain making a million bucks for every two cents that he made.
People were living happily under the illusion that they were all equals. No. They weren’t. Human beings were never equal and they would never be equal as long as the universe existed.
Equality was just an agenda introduced by the hawks of the food chain to distract the little chicken from their impending destruction. There was some guy at the top calling all the shots – some billionaire or trillionaire who controlled the peasants’ thought process. If it wasn’t by hook, it was by crook.

If human beings were truly equal, then I would’ve had as much money as the billionaires of my time. But did I? NO!
If human beings were truly equal, I wouldn’t have had to go to some shit schools, while my cousins went to the top universities.
If human beings were equal, then I, wouldn’t be here, typing this shit for you to read, would I? HELL NO! There’s a million things I would like to be doing instead of narrating to you the story of how fucked the planet is in the year 2800!

We were never equals. There wasn’t a point in time of human existence where everybody was equal. Some people worked shit jobs, others were CEOs. Some people got undressed for money, others kept their dignity. Some people had sour old bread for lunch while others went to the buffet. Some people were standing for 10 hours a day working in some Chinese factory making iPhones and designer clothing that they would never be able to afford. Where was the equality?

Who the fuck was I? I was a fucking NOBODY during my time. There were a million celebrities with millions of fans and millions in the banks. There was Brad Pitt and Bill Gates, there was Jeff Bezos and Kim Jong Un. Was I am equal to any of them? NO!

Equality was a lie. A big fat lie that they fed to us to keep us bickering about it whilst they lived luxuriously far away from the trenches. If you wanted to hear the truth about equality, travel down to Congo and tell the miners digging for gold pebbles how they’re equal to the rich fucks wearing gold chains in Hollywood.

There was no equality. Take it from a man who lived for 800 fucking years in this shithole. There was no equality! Equality didn’t exist amongst the plants, or the fish, or the wild animals in the jungle. There was the prey, and there was the predator. They weren’t equals by any means. Did they live in the same environment? Maybe. Did they breathe the same air? Sure! Did they treat each other as equals? I dunno. Why don’t you watch the discovery channel?

There was the rich guy, then there was the broke fuck. There was the handsome guy, then there was the ugly bastard. There was the millionaire celebrity living in Beverly Hills, and there was the virgin incel living in his grandma’s basement. There was the chiseled muscular hunk, and there were the twig. There was the big boss, then there was his secretary. There was the Hollywood superstar, then there was your average theater viewer. In none of the scenarios did equality present itself as self-evident.

What about equal opportunities?

Get the fuck out. I’m done talking.

It was all a deception. Capitalism, equality, green peace, ecofriendly – all bullshit. It was all a hierarchy. There were the predators at the top, and there were the sitting ducks at the bottom. The predators waved their sticks like conductors and choirmasters, and the sitting ducks quacked and followed the lead innocently. They had no idea. They had no fucking idea how fucked they really were.

The little guy always pays the highest price.