Protests against Air France KLM

Here are some protests that have taken place against deportations by Air France KLM in recent years:


26-10-16: 10 activists went to Paris CDG airport on 26-10 and flyered passengers – and were successful in stopping a deportation on an Air France flight! Read the account (in French) here.

02-10-16: A passenger on an Air France flight from Paris to Bamako was removed from the flight after expressing her support for a man being deported on the same flight who had cried for help. Happily her protests were successful as the man was not deported. You can read the whole story here.

24-03-16: Beverly Vaanda Kanjii and her 14-year-old son were due to be deported on a KLM flight to Namibia. Thanks to a large social media campaign against KLM, as well as other actions, the deportation was cancelled. You can read more about it here.


05-01-15: Family and friends demonstrated at Schiphol to try to stop deportation to Afghanistan. Unfortunately the attempts were unsuccessful. Watch a short video here.


01-03-14: Air France office in Toulouse locked, painted and flyposted by protestors in the middle of a working day. Protest against Air France’s transportation of animals for vivisection, as well as the company’s involvement in deportations. Watch the video here.


09-04-13: Demo at Schiphol against deportation of Afghan family. See short video here.

05-03-13:  Refugees demonstrated at the KLM head office in Amstelveen. Watch the short video report here.


09-07-12: Protest at Schiphol to try to prevent the deportation of a 20 year old Afghan to Kabul, via Bahrain.

01-03-12: Guinean man taken off Air France flight after protesting loudly and gaining support of passengers.


Jan 2011: Air France office in Bordeaux occupied by 30 activists.


A number of cabin crew at Air France stated that they did not want to be involved in deportations. Read a BBC report about that here.

Aug 2007: Passengers prevent deportation on an Air France flight from Paris to Togo.


20-07-2006: Demo at Roissy airport against Air France deportations to China.


30-01-03: Occupation of Air France offices in Paris, demanding an end to deportations.


There was a large campaign against KLM between 1999 and 2001. See the archived website (in Dutch) here