KILL THE BILL: a call for an Intersectional Antifascist Front

The political situation in the UK is on the verge of the early stages of Fascism. 

The London Anti-Fascist Assembly (LAFA) urges the formation of a leaderless, intersectional anti-fascist front, across the UK, to fight this new power. Things are worsening before our eyes, and those who know the lessons of the history of fascism know that the time has come to act. The policing and crime bill is so far reaching that it will mean a new era in UK politics which no organsiation in the UK is prepared for. It will be used to immiserate an entire ethnic group, to destroy any effective political opposition to the state, and to erase what remains of civil rights.

Failure & violent repression of normal, peaceful protests in the manner of Extinction Rebellion showed us that classic protest models are useless. 

The annihilation of Corbynism & the debased bootlicking of the subsequent Labour leadership showed the electoral route is worthless.  However, other movements have showed us that there are emerging alternatives:

The BLM movement in the UK shook the establishment so deeply because it challenges core components of state power -racism, white supremacy, police power, etc.

The mutual aid networks that emerged during the first pandemic lockdown show that organised, effective solidarity is possible on a wide scale, in thousands of diverse situations.

The actions of  Sisters Uncut and other anti-carceral feminist organisations, show that anti-police stances are so terrifying to the government that they can only react with violence. They also showed that the government can be frightened into retreating. We are gravely threatened, but the enemy – the government, the police, the big parties and the media-  is secretly afraid of what we can do- more afraid than we might realise.

If we are determined, then we can win.
If we are united we can oppose this successfully, with each component of the front filling roles that other components cannot.

We believe there must be a general front in opposition to this expansion of authoritarian power, combining the principles of antifascism, feminism, anti racism, and all forms of revolutionary solidarity.

We propose a new strategy for such an endeavour, where arrests are not courted, where careerists are not indulged, where Labour is not relied upon, where no one organisation can be the point of failure, where the lessons of the last 5 years of political struggle are deeply held. If we dont, we will lose, & the cops will crystalise their role as a political faction in their own right, the active vanguard of a new British Fascism. This will happen amidst rising antisemitism, anti-black & anti-asian racism, transphobia & a thousand resurgent bigotries

We ask any organisation, any individual, to join us in the formation of such a front, and to reinforce such a decision with deeds. No grand meeting is needed. No motion need be passed. We ask only for united, militant, uncompromising anti-fascist solidarity & resistance

Resistance to this law is an antifascist issue.
Resistance to this law is a feminist issue.
Resistance to this law is an antiracist issue.
Resistance to this law is a working class issue.
Resistance to this law is our only acceptable future

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