Bike Shorts – Films In The Library 24.11.2012

Bike In TreeAs part of our commitment to other medias, and in support of the 1in12 Cafe Collective, on Saturday afternoon, 24th November 2012 we’ll be having some bike-themed films.

There will, of course, also be lots of tasty food available.

If you can’t make it to the cafe/library, you can just follow the links and watch these great shorts from the comfort of your own internet device.

Even the Girls! (8:09)

Documentary portrait of women bicycle messengers in NYC. 

Ashira Siegel 2004


How a Bicycle is Made (17:24)
The design and manufacture of raleigh bikes
British Film Council 1945
Bicycle Sounds (2:50)

A short film created using bicycle parts.
Created by Stephen Meierding


The Bicycle Cap (7:40)

Documentary about a very special series of bicycle caps made by Spanish brand peSeta for the New Museum of New York City. 

Directed by Zipi 


Wood Smoke (2:55)

Footage shot on foot and bicycle around Woodstock

By Fredo Viola


Tour de Force (2.45)

Music Video for the single “Tour de Force”

by Town Bike



Beauty and the Bike (7:59)

The online short from the project Beauty and the Bike. Why do girls stop cycling in car-centric countries, whilst their counter-parts in cycling-friendly countries use the bicycle as a teenage tool for independence and liberation? This project sets out to find out.

By the Beauty and the Bike Project



Rose Petals on the Path (17:17)

Short documentary film inspired by the book “Recycled Memories”, about cycling in Northern Ireland in the ’40s and ’50s, looking at how cycling helps to overcome weaknesses, if it influences perception on reality and simply proves the importance of sport in our lives.

by Jakub Swiderek




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