TTFA Cafe – 15.12.2012

In our occasional series of “Lunch With A Purpose” we bring you, on 15th December, from noon, coffee, cake, lots of lovely food, and some actual Library-type activity befitting a social club built on the principles of good company and self-improvement.  To wit:

Tech Tools For Activism – we’ll have new copies of this booklet containing information on the following:

  •     Email & Email Lists
  •     Anonymous Blogs and Websites
  •     Microblogging Beyond Twitter
  •     Browsing the Internet Safely
  •     Organising & Networking Online
  •     Mobile Phone Security and Android Apps
  •     Publishing your News
  •     Uploading Media to the Internet
  •     Green Computing
  •     Hiding & Deleting Things on your PC

…and we hope to have some discussion around the themes emerging from some of this topics.

We’ll have some other recent additions to the Libary’s collection to look at too, and possibly a short session on cataloguing and adding new borrowers to the system, if that’s on interest to anyone.

We’ll also be looking at some short films from Tactical Technology Collective, overlapping onto some of the same subject areas as the TTFA booklet.


Finally we’ll bring it back to basics with a look at how we organise ourselves, with a discussion around mailing lists and a look at how the collectives within the club organise their “web presence”, a review of the website, consideration of the implications for our history of having a fragmented approach to web solutions, and some questions arising from that: Does it make us weaker or stronger? For a social centre what are the benefits and what are the costs of an internet free-for all? How do I get a log-in? Who maintains all these things against a background of inevitable membership churn?


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