7th & 21st March 2013

Hi Library Friends.

We’ll be having another cataloguing and re-shelving session on Thursday 7th March,  from 8.45* in the evening. There’ll be someone there to show you how the cataloguing works, and by the end of the evening we’ll have more stuff in a place where people can find it and make use of it.

On 21st the Feminist Reading Group will be talking about The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin, so we’ll take a break from organising books and actually look at the contents just for once.

Plans for April and May are still in the works, get in touch if you’ve any suggestions. There’s a likelihood we’ll be showing some Reel News  dvd footage at some point soon.


*We’re starting late on 7th March to allow folks to also attend the Commonweal Library event:

“Commonweal are having our Second Annual lecture on 7th March at 6:30pm which is also the launch date of the Peacemakers exhibition which forms part of the Routes to Peace festival: http://routestopeace.wordpress.com/about/.
We are delighted to welcome Sharyn Lock to talk about how she and 43 other ‘ordinary people’  empowered themselves to take action and break the sea blockade to Gaza.”
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