Poland: Free the Warsaw 3!

In May 2016 three anarchists were arrested and imprisoned by the Polish state for “possession of explosives and the intention to use them by setting police car on fire”. On 18th August a court ruled to keep them held hostage for a further 3 months awaiting trial, if found guilty they face up to 8 years of prison. All of them are in single cells, being labelled as “the most dangerous” inmates. This is part of a pattern of increased repression of those involved in the anarchist movement and social struggle across Poland.

See the support website for updates: https://wawa3.noblogs.org/

And to read a zine about their case, the newly implemented Anti-Terrorism Law and the wider repression of the anarchist movement happening in Poland click here: http://wawa3.noblogs.org/files/2016/08/Fanzine-EN-1.pdf

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London Anarchist Black Cross, is a collective set up with the aim of supporting prisoners: political prisoners, people in detention centers or just people fucked over by the capitalist system.
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