Hit report 28/1/17

Hit report 28/1/17 F&D joined by Otis…

Hit report 28/1/17

On Saturday we were joimed by Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and some friends from Lancaster Huntsabs to pay a visit to the Flint and Denbigh who had invited some friends along from South Shrops in Otis Ferry and chums.

Sabs arrived at 11am which was just in the nic of time as the hunt were blatantly hunting and straight onto a fox. Sabs had to gie a blast of the gizmo to draw the hounds away from the fox. The support were not happy with the use of the gizmo and all come running over, it’s as if they think we are calling them! But it had done the trick and the huntmaster had to call the hounds off the line of the fox, all rather embarrassing for Jezza who was hoping to show off in front of his mate Otis.

The hunt did their usual running around in circles and looping back on themselves in attempts to lose the sabs, Jezza even took his hounds to the edge of the very dangerous Denbigh road.

On a couple more occasions sabs had to take the hounds off Jezza with horn calls and the use of the gizmo. On one of those occasions sabs run into a woodland with hounds in cry only to be accosted by terrier men who pushed sabs, but again on this occasion the fox managed to escape with a little help. The hounds tven ran out the woodland across the road and straight in the direction on some deer, again the deer managed to get out the way.

With the day drawing to a close there was still time for one of the terrier men to offer sabs a fight….. Really nice people not.

Otis Ferry – https://www.facebook.com/Nwalessabs/videos/1194722847248331/


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