Hit report 18/2/17

Yesterday was twelve years since the introduction of the hunting act and still we are out in the fields. We joined with sabs from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs Lancaster Huntsabs Central Lancashire Huntsabs and Welsh Border Hunt Sabs. The plan was to pay a visit to the Cheshire Forest hunt but they were not at the their meet, and it was later confirmed they had cancelled their meet and some of their riders had decided to go join up with the Flint and Denbigh hunt in Wales. So a quick decision was made to have a look for the Cheshire hunt/hounds who last week had violently attacked sabs and the week before had killed a fox on film (still under police investigation). We then received a tip-off that hounds were “all over the main road” near Haughton. The first sabs to arrive on the scene witnesses the hunt blatantly hunting a fox near Snugburys ice cream farm (but go on Snugburys land) this fox had eventually managed to escape. Soon after nearby with the hunt seaching for the fox, sabs saw a fox run across a field, sabs armed with citronella covered the line of the fox and also sprayed the near by woodlands. When sabs followed the hunt along long lane and Cappers lane in Spurstow they were met my angry hunt supporters and hunt employees who kicked one a the sabs vehicles. Another sab was spat on (in front of the police) And a female sab was subjected to sexual remarks before the hunt supporter dropped his trousers to show her his backside. There was a large police attendance at the meet who had turned up to film sabs and had totally ignored the illegal hunting taking place. this totally biased policing had also been witnessed by local Monitors who were in the area, also we bumped into Hounds Off who were out in Cheshire due to locals being fed up of hunt trespass. One of the moritors had a word with the police and explained a few things regarding the hunting act that was clearly being broken here. The police seemed to get better as the day went on, and recorded numerous complains against the hunt. At one point hounds went into cry and sabs needed to enter the fields, one officer sent a team of officers into the fields claiming the sabs were trespassing, but it may have dawned on the police that the hunt were acting illegally after the training by the monitor a bit earlier. The fox that the hunt were onto was witnessed running away and the hunt had missed it. What had started as a rather large hunt was getting smaller and smaller as the day went on. The hunt eventually headed back to the meet at haughton hall, where we heard the hunt were packing up. Sabs who were waiting to see if the hound van left, were then surrounded by hunt supporters and terrier men who punched and kicked their vehicle leaving dents, and one threw a cigarette in the car through an open window. The hound van did finally leave. And with no kills to report so did the sabs.

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