Flint and Denbigh Jeremy Reed Final meet. 23/2/19

Jeremy Reed Flint and Denbigh huntmaster

Hit report 23/2/19 FINAL MEET.

In what was to be Jeremy Reeds final meet as huntsman of the Flint and Denbigh hunt, with help from Welsh Borders huntsabs we ruined his day. In a rather uneventful final outing for old scatterpack sabs stuck to him from the off until his final blow of the horn at Mostyn estate. Throughout the day hounds occasionally started to speak but with sabs so close by to intervene with voice calls nothing really developed for Jezza. Talking of undeveloped Shazza the facebook troll took her levels of gobshitery to a new leve. Shazza spent the day riding around with a young child, her intentions were to use the child as a weapon to try claim sabs were intimidating herself and the child. Obviously this isn’t something we’d do and were fully aware of what she was trying to do. Shazza’s failed mission didn’t stop her from going onto pro hunt social media sites spewing her lies. It would also appear that members of the hunt are sick of her.

Sharon Smith, Flint and Denbigh hunt and full time Facebook troll.

Jeremy Reed had started the day quite chatty but his frustrations were showing as the day wore on as he refered to sabs as “the twats”. Lord Mostyn had a bit of a meltdown too. He demandedpolice remove sabs from his land and stated “I pay my taxes”, the police who weren’t very good on the day even blocked roads to prevent sabs vehicles moving off, actually on this occasion pointed to Lord Mostynface that sabs were on a public footpath.

Jeremy Reed and the police at Mostyn farm rides

The hunt packed up a little earlier than usual so they could all but on their best frocks for the hunt ball which was at Faenol Fawr. We are not ones for gossip so we won’t go into who pulledwho’s car keys from the bowl but rest assured nobody wanted Shazza’s. We are sure Jezza will not mind us talking on his behalf in thanking every sab and monitor who’ve been out over the last 8 years making it difficult for Jezza to commit criminal acts. We are sure Jeremy would also like to extend his gratitude to everyone who’s followed and supported the local sabs.

North Wales Hunt Saboteurs.

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