North Wales Police Sued (Sgt Neil Stringfellow)

In our first encounter with Neil Stringfellow in a conversation about the hunt he came out with
“It will all come out in the wash” Well yes it did Stringy.

North Wales police have a history of bias, targeting peaceful protesters. We can finally release this footage after 4 years as North Wales police have now settled a large compensation payout out of court.

On 24/1/2015 sabs witnessed the Flint and Denbigh hunt illegally chasing a fox in the Plas Heaton estate in Trefnant near Denbigh. As sabs attempted to intervene to help the fox escape they were both assaulted by a hunt employee. 

When sabs returned to their vehicles which were on the A525 Denbigh to Trefnant road they were surrounded by up to 7 police cars. The police issued sabs with a Dispersal order on the command of the hunt.

Whilst sabs questioned what is a dispersal order one sab was arrested whilst calling her solicitor for advice. Another sab who was a passenger in a vehicle was told to leave the area. This was made impossible by the police cars surrounding the sab vehicle. Sabs were trapped in the vehicle for around an hour whilst the hunt were allowed to continue hunting. After around an hour police came with a crowbar to break into the sabs vehicle to arrest the second hunt sab. The sab got out the car and was arrested.

Sabs won the court case as the disperal order was rule INVALID due to Sgt Neil Stringfellow unlawfully altering the date and maps of the dispersal order and signing it himself though he was not authorised to do so. It was also brough up in court that the police had colluded with this illegal fox hunt to stitch up sabs. And the personal relationship betweet a certain hunt supporter and the police Sergeant was also questioned.

View video here

Demo outside Denbigh police station.

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