3 sabs cleared. OperationYarder

Operation Yarder

Last Tuesday 2 sabs were cleared of assault on Flint and Denbigh hunt member and community councillors John Edward Lloyd-Ellis. Llandudno magistrates found that the sabs used reasonable force to act in self-defence when attacked by Lloyd-Ellis. On the prosecutions video evidence captured by Lloyd-Ellis more commonly known as Ed, he states OPERATION Yarder when he phoned the police. In cross examination Ed said that Yada was an operation he was involved with police to deter Saboteurs. Ed had pulled one sab off a gate and grabbed hold of her, she kicked Ed him get him off her. A second sab came to her aid and held onto Eds coat through the gate. Ed then tried to pursue the first sab again like “a man possessed” as the second sab told him to calm down Ed then started to push the second sab. The court saw through these malicious allegations against both sabs as clearly Lloyd-Ellis was the aggressor and what the sabs did was purely in defence. https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/hunt-protesters-vow-not-go-16640398

The police had also charged a 3rd sab for a similar incident involving Ed Lloyd-Ellis at a Flint and Denbigh hunt meet in Llaneliden on December 22nd 2018. A sab had been assaulted by Ed on a public footpath. But somehow officers from Denbigh police station managed to twist this and instead charge the sab for assault on the hunt member when clearly all evidence proved the sab had acted in self defence whilst being assaulted by Ed Lloyd-Ellis the councillor fir Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor. The sab had phoned the police at the scene to report the incident. On January 3rd the sab gave a statement at Rhyl police station and supplied the police with two pieces of video evidence. The sab explained to the office at Rhyl Station how numerous assaults by Ed had gone with any charged being brought against him. The officer said “well hopefully this time as he’s committed 3 or 4 assaults on you in this incident” the officer also agreed any action by the sab was in self-defence once Ed had made first contact.

Police and hunt colluded.

The sab signed a contract to be updated every 10 days by PC Rachel Fennah who the case was to be passed to a Denbigh police station. The undates did not come though. The sab had to keep chasing this up. On one update PC Fennah said Ed had been interviewed and admitted initially assault by claim it to be under common law. 7 weeks passed after this interview without any further updates. Then PC Rachel Fennah called the sab to inform him no further action would be taken against Lloyd-Ellis but he’d made a counter claim of assault against the sab and the sab was wanted for police interview. PC Fennah could mot explain how the police had managed to take a victim statement of Ed and his witness and gather both their video evidence without even informing the sab that no further action was to be taken against Ed. Instead PC Fennah just kept passing to phone to her Sargent Kris Hunt.

The police then hounded the sab to go for interview despite the sab informing them he was having difficulties in finding a solicitor as the protest specialist solicitors were all down South. The police still failed to tell the sab how what Ed Lloyd-Ellis did was not assault. After the sab gave his interview he spent another half hour in the police station discussing hunting with PC Fennah and Sgt Hunt. Hunt said he may charge both the sab and Lloyd-Ellis with public order offences. The sab explained this was victim blaming to which Hunt replies “Ed could say that too”.

Hunt said the sabs should trespass and gather evidence of illegal hunting then after 3 or 4 convictions they would try get some sort of public order injunction on the hunt. What Hunt had done there was was explain a mirror version of Operating Yarder, where they are trying to get convictions agst sabs in order to take out an injunction against them after they’d already failed to do so in January this year.

The next thing Sgt Hunt had emailed the sabs solicitor saying he was to charge the sab with ASSAULT! And that the sab should accept a conditional caution with the condition being to write a letter of apology to Ed Lloyd-Ellis! OUTRAGEOUS!!

The sab obviously declined the offer and then recieved a court summonds for Llandudno magistrates on August 1st.

However after two sabs walking free just days earlier and CPS still not submitting their evidence against the sab, only the statement of Ed Lloyd-Ellis who said in his statement that the police drone operators in that day had phoned him to tell him sabs were in the area, which then resulted in the known violence hunt member looking for the sabs and assaulting this sab, with just 3 days before trial the CPS dropped the case.

Now the 6 months time scale for reviewing the initial assault claim against Ed Lloyd-Ellis has lapsed, this we believe was the intentions of the police all along. Given that Ed is involved in a dodgy operation with North Wales Police and with the police tipping him off the sabs were in the area which caused this assault the police have put themselves in a precarious position.

Another police stitch up.

Full video of Ed Lloyd-Ellis assaulting a sab on a public footpath which resulted in North Wales Police charging the sab with assault https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2241518302568775&id=588385277882094

Sabs will now process with actions against the police.

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