Hit report 14/9/19 #CubHunting

We arrived at the Flint and Denbigh hunt kennels at around 6am. At first all seemed quiet but then along came Greengrass on his mule type buggy and immediately got on the phone to tip off the hunt that sabs were in the area. The floodlights were on at the and vehicles were seen driving down the lane all gates had been left open in the area, it all seemed a little staged as if they wanted us to believe they were going out… We went for a quick drive around the area and when we returned horse boxes had turned up, all two of them? Which suggests either the hunt weren’t going out or the police had actually seized all the illegal hunt vehicles. The latter being very unlikely given operation yarder is a one sided affair. We soon found the hunt all 4 of then including the huntsman and whipper-in. They were only out for about an hour and headed home. So that was that, easy day over and we headed off to Wrexham vegan fayre and had an enjoyable rest of the day….

But unfortunately for the Flint and Denbigh hunt we weren’t born yesterday… After the vegan fayre we headed straight back out in search of the hunt. And there they were parked up at Plas Heaton estate, we soon found the riders standing on point around a woodland and maize field. To say the hunt were furious at us would be an understatement. We call the hounds off twice as they went into cry. The hunt made no attempt to pull the hounds out 9f the woodland and instead hunted on. We were approached by two “ladies” who were seething we’d stopped their fun and games. One of the savages delivered her harangue with all the passion and red faced blowing of a flat capped wearing councillor we all know and dislike, though we’ve not seen the shamed councillor since he lost his court cases this summer.

With the hunt failing to take control of their hounds sabs needed to intervene and move the hunt on. The furious hunt they headed back to their vehicles and packed up! The faces on them was something to be seen, absolutely furious. The only one who didn’t appear irrate was new huntsman Jay Readon who was all smiley faced, do not be fooled by Jay’s cheery demeanour he’s known to support some gruesome bloodsports and loves to watch videos of wild boar being killed by dogs.
Although we saw 2 of North Wales Police finest Yarder Force officers out in the morning there were none at the evening hunt meet. Which make is come to one of two theories, either the hunt didn’t tell the yarder they’d be out hunting fox cubs that evening or the police didn’t expect us to turn up so thought they’d let the hunt get on with it.


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