Police Lies & Cub Hunting

Flint and Denbigh cub hunt packed up

28-9-19*Police lying*Blatant cub hunting*Threats of violence *A typical Saturday at the Flint and Denbigh In the…

Posted by North Wales Hunt Saboteurs on Monday, September 30, 2019
Flint and Denbigh cub hunt packed up


*Police lying
*Blatant cub hunting
*Threats of violence
*A typical Saturday at the Flint and Denbigh

In the first scene police come to talk to sabs outside the Flint and Denbigh hunt kennels, one of 4 police cars that turned up.

The police tell us they do not know of the hunt are going out then proceed to agree with us how hopeless our rural crime team are.

The police then head down to the hunt kennels to ask if the hunt are going out. On returning from the kennels they tell sabs the hunt are still in the kennels and will not tell them if they are going out.

With it all quiet sabs head into the next village Trefnand and find the hunt already out and the police car that had told us they weren’t out driving around the area.

As sabs turned up they witnessed the most blatant of cub hunting, with riders stood around the woods on point to keep fox Cubs within the woodland and hounds in the woodland onto a fox scent with the huntsman. As soon as the hunt realised sabs were there they called the hounds out of the woods and immediately packed up and made a quick getaway.

The hunt supporters were livid and one was over heard ordering other hunt members to “Attack the sabs”

Another hunt member with a history of msking false allegations and stitching up sabs ran towards a sab and whilst still being around 3ft from the sab shouted for the benefit of the camera “Get off me”

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