Season update. Flint and Denbigh hunt.

Jay Reardon whipper-in of the Flint and Denbigh hunt.
Jay Reardon whipper-in of the Flint and Denbigh hunt.
Jay Reardon whipper-in of the Flint and Denbigh hunt.

Well it’s all change at the Flint and Denbigh hunt, staff wise we mean as they are still a bunch of fox hunting thugs.

The season started a bit slow with new whipper-in Jay Reardon and newly promoted 2nd whip Toby Dunn taking charge whilst they awaited the arrival of the new huntsman. The first few meets with the whippers in charge were more like hound exercises and new whip Jay was rather sickly nice. That all changed once new huntsman Nigel Cox arrived. Nigel Cox infamous for a firearms conviction when he once shot a shotgun straight threw the radiator of a sab vehicle with the sabs in it!

Sabs stop Flint and Denbigh huntsman Nigel Cox.

The Flint and Denbigh hunt have been a bit unpredictable with their tactics going from running and hiding from sabs to blatantly hunting in front of us. Jay Reardon’s cheeky chap act has vanished to, Jay now likes to block roads and ride his horse at sabs whilst shouting abuse. Jay can hardly ride a horse it’s quite frightening. Toby Dunn the 2nd whip being the less aggressive of the two. We suspect the hunt have killed a few foxes this season so far, possibly killing two in Mostyn estates during cubbing and another in Trefnant on the first full meet of the season. On these occasions sabs were there but the hounds chased the foxes into thick overgrowth that sabs couldn’t get through and the huntsman made absolutely no attempt to call the hounds off.

Sabs have also been the victim of vicious lies by hunt members, and numerous false allegations. We’ve yet to see the rural crime team at any hunts this season and the police have been a bit more stand off’ish so far with officers from Rhyl and other stations attending whilst officers from Denbigh are under investigation following us blowing the cover off Operation Yarder, where police plotted with the hunt to stitch up sabs. Unfortunately despite a few officers currently being under investigation from the IOPC it would appear we’ve not yet seen the end of police bias from Denbigh station, with reports from us going uninvestigated and the police currently trying to stitch us up once again with jumped up charges. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of this.

We’ve also attended meets of the Cheshire Hunt and the Wynnstay hunt with both hunts hiring security guards calling themselves “safety officers”. Fortunately they weren’t very good at stopping sabs.

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