Hit report 15/2/20. Flint and Denbigh in Trefnant

Flint and Denbigh hunt get sabbed
Flint and Denbigh hunt get sabbed
Flint and Denbigh hunt get sabbed

Hit report 15/2/2020

With Derby hunt saboteurs, Cheshire hunt saboteurs, Manchester Hunt Sabs and Stockport Monitors.

With an amber weather warning in place you may have thought the scummers might have give it a miss yesterday…. But no not the Flint and Denbigh hunt, and unfortunately for them not us either.

We arrived in Trefnant to see an unusually large amount of hunt supporter vehicles parked up on the road by Plas Newydd estate and many riders from other hunts. The Flint and Denbigh hunt probably thought they’d have a field day today with so many riders and supporters in what was meant to be a showpiece event. But it turned out to be a damp quib thanks to Storm Dennis and a large turn out of sabs and monitors.

The hunt left Plas Newydd estate at around 11am as hounds immediately picked up on a scent as they headed towards Penpalment farm, footsabs followed as others went ahead to cut them off. The hunt surrounded had been foiled in their attempts to hunt a fox and they had to gather their hounds before heading back into Plas Newydd estate. This was a bit of a theme for the whole day to run and try to lose sabs, the hunt were all over the place as they just could not shake us off. From Plas Newydd they crossed the busy A525 towards College farm and onto the dismantled railway line to Denbigh Green and across the dangerous Bodfari road. As the hunt headed across land towards Ty coch some footsabs followed whilst others went ahead to cut off the hunt. At this point an unmarked police car came down the road flashing blue lights to aid the hunt and block the road to allow the hunt back onto the road. As a sab spoke with the officers in the unmarked vehicle a riding barged into to sab with his horse and then again. The officers took no action for this assault and instead targeted the sab after the terrier man make a accusation the sab swore, clearly the officer hadn’t heard this but had witnessed the assault and chose an allegation of swearing was much worse that assaulting a member of the public with a horse. Operation Yarder in full force, the officer lost her cool a bit as she argued with sabs. The hunt were still trying to shake us off looping back and forth on themselves. The hunt then headed down a bridleway at Greenfield farm but sabs were already waiting, the hunt stopped for a few minutes whilst they planned their escape but then they just headed back to the Denbigh Green area and the dismantled railway. Sabs were already one two and three steps ahead of them. As they headed towards Ty isaf farm and once again across that busy A525 and back into Plas Newydd estate. At this point hounds started to go into cry again in a wooded area but with sabs hot on their heels the huntsman gathered his hounds. By now the weather was horrendous, we’d have been better off with a canoe to try get across the soaked fields. The hunt very frustrated by now headed out of Plas Newydd back onto the road and to Plas Heaton estate only to be turned back as there were more sabs already waiting for them. As the hunt went back to Plas Newydd around 8 of the hounds broke free from the pack as they picked up on a scent and ran across the road back towards Penpalment once again. Huntsman Cox informed a sab he’d lost 8 hounds. The sab pointed out they’d gone in the direction of Penpalment, Cox replied “Are you lying?” The sab told him no we all want to go home now. Nige found his hounds at Penpalment. As one of the riders attempted to pack up, their horse bolted towards the Denbigh to Trefnant road but a quick thinking sab retrieved the horse before it got onto the main road. The hunt then headed back through the Plas Newydd estate with hounds briefly going into cry again. By the time they reached the Plas Newydd estate house Huntsman Nige blew for home. It may have took us all season but we may have finally broken huntsman Nige Cox, he’s usually more stoney faced than Mount Rushmore but said ” You sabs are really annoying but you did point out where the lost hounds where and stop to loose horse”. High praise indeed from a huntsman who once shot a shotgun through the radiator of a vehicle with sabs in it.

Thanks for all your support and donations we couldn’t do it without you. If you’d like to donate to North Wales hunt saboteurs you can on this kofi link https://ko-fi.com/nwsabs

North Wales police as bias as ever

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