F&D hunt member putting public at risk

Sharon Smith breaking lockdown rules

Sharon Smith of the Flint and Denbigh hunt (probably better known for being a Facebook troll) has travelled to Hyde park in London to protest against lockdown rules. Making a round journey of over 500miles.

Sharon doesn’t care if we all catch covid19

Over the past few weeks Sharon Smith has had a number of facebook rants against the Tories the NHS and the Police. Last year Sharon ran in the Pensarn Ward Llandudno junction Conwy town Council elections, fortunately she lost. In one of Sharon’s attacks she said that she’ll cough at police officers if she gets pulled over.

sharon threatening to cough at the police

Sharons disregard for the rules and peoples health is shared by her friend Aldean Channer who happens to be a Tory Councillor herself for Llanrwst town. Aldean herself was off to Nantwich on Saturday to break lockdown rules.

According to Sharon Smith you’re more likely to choke on a Malteser that die of covid19, a quick google search says 8-10 people a year die from choking in the UK, it doesn’t mention if any were Malteser related.

On a positive note it doesn’t look like Sharon Smith will be running as a tory candidate next time in the council elections.


Sharon Smith has now claimed to the Daily Post that this is a fake story. Unfortunately for Shazza we have photos of her at the protest.

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