Trefnant 21/11/20

Hit report 21/11/20


The Flint and Denbigh hunt met at Plas Heaton estate which is on the Henllan Trefnant border. The hunt had well hidden their horseboxes to try evade us. But a large gathering of hunt riders and supporters in a field next the Plas Heaton estate soon gave them away. We counted 34 riders in the field plus 4 hunt supporters not on horse back, this was not including the huntsman the whipper-in the terrier men and all the rest of the support. This was raised with police know insisted that the law had changed over the rule of 30 that morning. A quick check on the Welsh Government website proved this to be false. The huntsman with hounds and a few foot followers were at the other side of the woodland at Plas Heaton. The early behaviour of the hunt seemed a bit odd today, had they been told to behave themselves after the leaked zoom seminar? Once realising sabs were in the area the huntsman rounded up his hounds and even waited for the rest of the field riders to catch up, usually he’d clear off to hunt leaving the field riders trailing behind. At this point the lone sab in the field realised he was being followed by masked hunt members.

Sabs had come across the police once again and informed them they were incorrect and no there had been no changes to the law of 30 at a gathering, the police now said it wasn’t the regulations that had changed but the interpretation of the law. It’s now become clear the hunt are using every loophole they can find and have been telling the police they have numerous “huntmasters” which work for the hunt. Pppffftt more “smokescreens” and lies.

As the hunt crossed the busy and dangerous Denbigh road and headed down a bridleway into Plas Newydd estate the huntsman once again uncharacteristically stopped to allow the field riders to catch up. As the terrier men stood on-point at the edge of one of the hunts favourite woodlands to hunt the police deployed a drone, maybe by complete accident this was a great place to deploy the drone near to the huntsman and terrier men. They spent around half an hour in Plas Newydd the huntsman using his horn more that usually to try keep his hounds under control knowing the police drone was above.

Saboteurs with our vehicles had witnessed the “Smokescreen” otherwise knows as trail layers heading along the old dismantled railway line, the smokescreen denied being a smokescreen however it’s worth noting that the hunt never went anywhere near the dismantled railway on the day.

The hunt crossed another main road and down towards tudyn lunt farm. At this point we noticed a couple of ladies walking their dogs near Green Isa, one of the dogs happened to be a fluffy red one, one of the ladies informed one of the independent hunt monitors who were also out that’s she’s “terrified and going home” as the last time the hunt were in the area they told her “Take that dog home before the hounds have it, it looks like a fox”
The last 2 weeks the terrier men have been particularly aggressive maybe the leaked seminar upset them? Not to go into any detail but 2 people were assaulted at this meet, this is now a police matter, hence we cannot report on it at this moment in time.
The hunt had now gone to an area know as Perthwig, some of the riders had left by now and so it seemed had the police, the change in tbe attitude of the hunt was clear to be seen. The hunt spent about an hour in a thickly overgrown copse that clearly nobody could have laid a trail in, with the hounds going in and out of cry as they searched for a fox, whilst the terrier men rode up and down the bridgewaĆ½ revving their quads to drown out the sounds of the hounds in-cry. As sabs and monitors entered the thickly overgrown copse to take a better look they were soon followed in by terrier men. As the hounds got louder a fox was seen to bolt, the hounds followed but initially went the wrong way, a hunt supporter pointed out to the terrier men which way the fox ran and then the hounds turned around and got onto the line of the fox encouraged on by the terrier men, due to the thick overgrown we believe the fox evaded the hounds.

When the huntsman finally gathered the majority of the hounds and headed home, loose hounds were left behind all over the roads and stuck in the thick overgrown, we stayed a while whilst hunt vehicles drove around the area looking for hounds. A rider from the hunt firstly approached 2 of us down on the bridleway and told us it was her first time out and she wouldn’t be attending again as she did not enjoy it, she also didn’t approve of the use of terrier men, she asked for directions back to the road as she just wanted to go home, when she got back to the road she told others with our vehicle she has nothing against us.

The Flint and Denbigh hunts terrier men
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