Mink hunt sabbed!

August 14th 2021.

otter hounds prefer sabs.

It was an early start for us this morning as we were out at 6am looking for cub hunts, it was pretty obvious from early on that the hunts weren’t going out cubbing this morning …. But we had another plan up our sleeves. After discussions with our friends at Cheshire Monitors and Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs we were quite certain the Border Counties Mink Hounds would be meeting at Eyton farm Ddôl near Bangor on Dee. We were also aware the BCMH hounds were sick and they’d be using a guest pack……

sans descend on the mink hunt.

We then received a welcome phone call to tell us that Nottingham sabs, Lincoln Sabs, West Mids sabs, Mendip sabs and Sheffield sabs would also be joining us! And they all agreed it looked likely that it would be the Dovey Valley Mink hounds heading our way. The hunt appeared oblivious that sabs and monitors had the area surrounded and actually left the meet, a very rare occurrence indeed. The hunt only got a few hundred meters head start on us then a lot of sabs descended on them along the River Dee.

The hunt supporters immediately turned back not putting up much of a fight, just a bit of grumbling and the custom stick waving. The huntsman on the other hand crossed the river then crossed again in what looked like he was trying to give us the slip…. but by now sabs were also in the river and the huntsman admitted defeat. When we walked the hunt back to the meet one of the supporters embarrassed himself when his frustrations got the better of him. The hound van was seen on it’s way for the long journey back to Leicestershire.

A great day all round…. well for us anyway.

Thank you so kindly if you helped with our appeal to get our landy back on the road, you can still use this link to donate to North Wales Hunt Saboteurs. https://gogetfunding.com/help-for-repairs-to-our-landy/

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