Flint and Denbigh Cub hunting 4/7/21

sabs not giving the Flint and Denbigh hunt a moments rest


Total chaos at the Flint and Denbigh hunt, with hounds all over the roads as a car rally took place!

The Flint and Denbigh hunt have been trying to avoid us, if ever they were going to cancel a hunt then yesterday should have been it. The hunt were fully aware that a rally would be taking place with sports cars racing up and down the roads, the event was actually taking place from the hunts own estate. But no, hunt decided to set off at 7am for some illegal cub hunting.

From the off sabs stuck with the huntsman and hounds despite Metcalfs best attempts to shake us off, looping around and doubling back on himself. As the huntsman attempted to flush foxes out of covert it was deer that were fleeing in fear. One deer ran fully speed into a fence trying to flee, another was chased by one of the hound across a field. The hunt spent some time terrorising the deer as riders stood on-point waiting for a fox to be flush before they moved off to another area near a caravan park and the very busy Lower Denbigh road, unfortunately for the hunt sabs followed their every move.

no escape for the Flint and Denbigh hunt

After running around in circles the only thing they’d managed to lose were some of their hounds. They headed to an area locally know as The Bryn, whilst riders surrounded the the Bryn on horseback to keep any fleeing foxes from escaping, the huntsman put his hounds through the overgrowth. Sabs had witnessed a fox bolt and immediately covered the scent with citronella and used the sounds of a whip cracking to keep the hounds back. It would appear the hunt hadn’t seen the fox heading away from them as the huntsman put his hounds through the same patch again and again, the terrier man was overheard on the radio telling the huntsman to put the hounds through the same area, it was clear to see the frustration growing with the tone of the rob the terrier man. By now the rally was in full swing the noise of the engines had some of the horses a little spooked. One rider was witnessed whipping and kicking his spooked horse, when asked by a sad if he always hits his horse like that he replied “I can hit it however I want to hit it”.

The road Rally!

The police had had enough of what they’d seen now and informated the huntsman that they’d had numerous complaints of hounds all over the roads even on the Lower Denbigh road a particular dangerous stretch near where the hunt had been earlier….. Metcalf the huntsman denied it. It seemed as if the hunt were packing up now and they headed back to the kennels only to realise they’d lost numerous hounds and headed back out, we stuck around until they’d collected their hounds and made sure the hunt were about the sneak out again. The hunt appear to be as unpopular as ever with the local, many of which as big supporters of our work, and one message we received said a member of public had witnessed a fox cub escape thanks to sabs…..

Flint and Denbigh hunt hounds all over the road during a car Rally.

But our say wasn’t yet over……

After finishing with the F&D we went for breakfast, and then with the tide times in our favour, headed off to meet up once again with our friends from Sea Shepherd to help with their latest campaign.

Fortunately for us and the wildlife, there were only 5 illegal cocklers out, 2 of which dropped their catch and scarpered when they saw us, the other 3 surrendered their catch which was safely returned to the sea. With the beach clear of cocklers, we turned our attention to the gill nets, scouring the beach and finding four homemade anchor points that were dug out and removed, preventing nets from being set at these locations.

It’s a busy time for us and about to get a whole lot busier with the badger cull, thanks for all your support, you can use this link to donate to North Wales Hunt Saboteurs https://gogetfunding.com/help-for-repairs-to-our-landy/

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