Cub hunting at Mostyn Estate.

Hit report 18/9/21

Once again the Flint and Denbigh hunt when to extreme measures to try and avoid us (can’t think why if what they are doing is not illegal) When we turned up at Cefn Meiriadog at 5.30am the hunt had already left!

Whilst we were checking a few local meets the tip off came in from somebody who wasn’t best pleased to be woken up by an illegal fox cub hunt passing their home. By that time we were already on our way to Mostyn Estate in Tre-Mostyn. When we arrived true to form the hunt riders were stood on point around a coppice trying to keep the young foxes inside for the hounds to rip to pieces…. Once realising we’d caught them they move on to Whitford woods where they spent an unusually long time. It would seem at this point their problems started, the riders surrounded the woodland once again as the huntsman desperately rode around trying to get onto a fox, but each time they picked up on a scent they soon lost it. Talking of losing things the hounds were now lost too. With ex huntsman Jezza ‘Scatterpack’ Reed watching on he must of felt really proud that new huntsman Metcalf also couldn’t keep control of a pack of hounds. There were more field riders out than usual today, maybe they were handing out gifts to anybody who would attend? A free kick of a puppy or something? Actually more likely it was a newcomers meet or a pony club meet where they try to indoctrinate youngsters into blood sports. Saying that the riders looks bored out of their skulls just sat on their horses surrounding woodlands all morning. When the hunt finally moved on they didn’t go far just to the next wooded area. By now Willby the whipper-in was frantically trying to locate lost hounds.

sabs on the Flint and Denbigh hunt

The hunt actually crossed a road now and the sh@t show continued. Riders stood on-point again and the huntsman was certain a fox had taken cover at the edge of the woods as he used voice calls to try unsettle the fox as he kept putting the hounds back into the same patch. When they gave up the huntsman headed for a woodland at the top of a hill next to a maize field, with the riders left stood on-point on the road at the edge of the maize field. At this point the police turned up, not because the hunt had told them they’d be out but because locals had called them. The police witnessed to hunt blocking the road, but their real intentions were to not let any foxes escape. When the huntsman finally blew for home the whippers still frantically rode around looking for lost hounds, similar to a chuckle brothers sketch.

Sabs giving the Flint and Denbigh hunt no rest

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