Flint and Denbigh cubbing

Hit report 21/9/21

You’d have forgiven the Flint and Denbigh hunt for staying at home today to follow the live Twitter feed updates on the court hearing of Hankinson, following the hunting office webinar meeting that the HSA leaked…..
But nah…. they needed to try get their fix of ripping up fox cubs.

Flint and Denbigh hunt hounds in a maize field

Once again they gave it a lot of thought and planning to try avoid us, but once again we found them. You can see why no huntsman wanted to take over at the Flint and Denbigh hunt they seem to have an infestation of hunt sabs 🤣
We located the hunt parked up in a field in Rhuallt trying to hide their horseboxes by not using the usual meet point at Waen Villa. When the first sabs arrived on scene one sab headed in the direction he believed the hunt would be, the sab could hear the hounds and horn a couple of fields over and headed in that direction but was met by a lone rider who had been left behind to radio the hunt that the sabs had arrived. On hearing the news the hunt went on the run… the sab then came across a gent stood in the field who enquired “Is this an actual fox hunt?” The sab explained the situation and was then joined by the member of public in pursuit of the hunt! The man was on holiday staying at a holiday lodge and couldn’t believe what was happening. The hunt at this point were always a couple of fields ahead and heading straight for the A55…. reckless to say the least especially after they’ve proven week in week out they have no control over their hounds. The sabs the disgruntled holiday maker and the smokescreen trail layers had found themselves isolated from the hunt on the opposite side of the river… hmm shouldn’t the smokescreen be ahead of the hunt? The hunt finally turned back after they reached the edge of the A55 and headed back towards us…. By now other sabs had turned up in the area. The hunt tried to hold up a field that had been left to go to hay, the hunt were fully aware that foxes may have taken cover in here as last year this was a maize field they vigorously tried the hunt, with the riders stood on point we noticed the earth at the edge of the field had been filled with branches to stop any foxes running to ground for cover. The hunt soon moved on and crossed the road and headed straight into another maize field. The hounds seemed more interested in the sabs than the maize field and the field master instructed riders to go stand on-point at the next maize field…. some of the riders didn’t hear the instructions so we repeated them for them.. “He wants you to go to the other maize field as foxes might be in there”, a rider replied “no no that’s where the trail has been laid”. It’s funny how a commoner field rider would know where the trail had been laid considering the whipper-in had told us he didn’t know where the trails are laid….

Fox earth blocked by the Flint and Denbigh hunt

At the next maize field with riders once again stood on-point the hounds picked up on the scent of a fox as they started to bay, at this point we took control of the hunt, using a gizmo we called all the hounds out of the maize field into the next field…. we got doubly lucky as we also managed to call out the huntsman who had mistaken our gizmo for an actually fox getting ripped apart, the look of disappointment of his face as he ride over, awww shame! As he cast the hounds into the maize again they picked up on the scent and once again we called them back out…. the hunt defeated then called it a day. As they headed back to the meet the police turned up and informed us locals had reported an illegal cub hunt, the Flint and Denbigh as popular as ever…

Flint and Denbigh hunt packing up.

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