5 foxes saved from the Flint and Denbigh hunt.

HIT REPORT 9/10/215 FOXES SEEN TO SAFETY!We were joined by good friends Derby Hunt Saboteurs to attend a cub hunting meet of the Flint and Denbigh hunt who once again were meeting in Cefn Meiriadog. We counted 38 riders who had started to turn up at around 7.30am for a 8am start. This is an unusual good turn out for this hunt, was it a joint meet or a pony club meet? Most likely it was riders from the Wynnstay hunt joining them as the Wynnstay hunt were not out yesterday, all we can say for certain is they weren’t our usual lot of bumpkins they were too well dressed.

Sabs close in on the hunt.

The hunt set off at 8am and headed into the Cefn Estate to hunt land near to Eryl Hall caravan site, they only got into the first field before a rider fell off! With the riders stood on-point in the fields the huntsman hunted a smaller woodland, at this point the first fox bolted but sabs were on hand and managed to use voice calls to stop the hounds. But only seconds later another fox was hunted, as the fox tried to flee whipper-in Wilby and a second rider tried to stop the fox escaping, riding towards it shouting “AYE CHARLIE AYE CHARLIE” in an attempt to turn the fox back into the pack of hounds! When a sab popped his head over a hedge to let them know they’d been rumbled the fox managed to run straight passed the witless Wilby and escaped along a hedgerow. The hunt weren’t finished there though and Wilby attempted to hunt the hounds on, on the line of the fox. Medcalf the huntsman screaming at his whipper “USE YOUR EYES THEY ARE THE OTHERSIDE OF THE HEDGE” meaning the sabs who had managed to film all this, followed by more shouting by the huntsman “WILBY OPEN YOUR EYES BEFORE I OPEN THEM FOR YA” nice guy aye!The hunt had been on the charm offensive all day with even the terrier man telling us he doesn’t like conflict between us and them… hmm very odd considering he’s spent 11 years insulting and threatening us, somebody had however forgotten to tell one of the supporters to be nice as he shouted “We’re not hunting you F###ing idiots!

Sabs keeping a close watch on the hunt.

The hunt then crossed the road over to Coed Yr Esgob where once again they continued their blatant illegal hunting. The fox was first seen running through the woods just a matter of feet behind one of our sabs, the fox was then seen running across a field, sabs sprayed the line of the fox with citronella and when the hounds started to give chase sabs were able to turn the hounds around using voice calls and the sound of a whip cracking. Huntsman Medcalf was frantic and even got off his horse to try get to the hounds. The fieldmasters radio was over heard asking him where the huntsman had gone as a fox had been seen, but the field master didn’t seem to know what Medcalf was playing at. After rounding up their hounds to hunt took off a pace toward Cefn Farm and one of their favourite hunting areas they call “The Bryn”. As sabs caught up the hounds already at the top of the Bryn picked up on another scent and ran out the woods across a field with the huntsman just behind, it would appear they lost this scent and quickly left the area trying to shake off the sabs, at speed they went back through the Cefn estate and passed the hunt kennels. When we caught up with them they were hunting down next to the river and once again picked up on the line of a fox, the hounds gave chase along the river across a field over the road and into Bryn Cefn woods. After initially losing this fox some of the hounds picked up on it again and gave chase out of the woods across the road and down towards the kennels. With hounds now all over the road, some had taken themselves back to get kennels and the huntsman and whipper trying to round up the rest the day fizzled out after they stopped on the kennel drive for a photo being heading back in.

no rest for the Flint and Denbigh hunt

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