The Flint and Denbighs demise continues

Hit report 11/12/21

Who knows what Pat, Greengrass and Wilby will do with themselves once the Flint and Denbigh hunt finally fold…. and tbh we don’t care! What can be said for certain is that after near 17 years of illegal fox hunting the F&D are now clearly on the back foot. The hunt met at 11am just down the road from their kennels in Cefn Meiriadog. That makes their last four Saturday meets: Trefnant, Cancelled, Trefnant, Cefn. Surely even the most diehard blood junkies must be finding this boring? Then throw in Tuesdays six hour round trip to the Cottesmore hunt leaving behind their supporters and riders and it’s all looking a little desperate. Maybe that’s why Pat was rattling a tin at the meet to try recoup some pennies for their fuel. Also work noting only one of the regular terrier men were out, and he didn’t have his terriers with him….

With four police vehicles in the area including members of the Rural Crime Team, it was no surprise that the hunt attempted a bigger smokescreen than usual, having numerous green bib wearers to pretend to lay trails, and seemingly ditching the children they usual use to create a smokescreen. It’s all a bit 17 years too late, we have to give credit to the officers from the Rural Crime Team who were out their vehicle and attempting to follow the “trail layers”. There is a big problem with this though…. It’s already been proven in a court of law that trail laying is a smokescreen for illegal fox hunting, the magistrates calling it a sham and fiction. In order for hounds to be able to follow a trail they need to be trained to do so, the Flint and Denbigh hounds are not! We spent every Saturday and Tuesday with this hunt throughout September and October during the cub hunt season and we can assure you these hounds were trained to kill foxes.

With two officers from the Rural Crime Team following the riders dragging a rag behind them, we waited for the hunt to set off, but they were in no hurry, surely it should be in chapter 1 of “how to create a smokescreen” that trails need to be laid no longer than 20minute before, otherwise they need to be re-laided. When the hunt finally set off they did indeed head the exact same way as the “trail layers”, hmm the hunting world have spent years telling us the huntsman doesn’t know where the trails are. But surprise surprise the hounds weren’t interested in the trails. You see, when hounds pick up on the scent or a trail they start to speak similar to what they do when they are chasing an actual fox. We know this as we’ve witnessed genuine trails being laid in Cheshire a couple of seasons ago. It would appear whatever they are dragging on that rag isn’t fox based and whatever it is the hounds have not been trained to follow it.

The hunt rode through Coed Esgob, not stopping to hold up and flush foxes as they usually would, they them moved at speed to “Y Bryn” before coming back down onto the road and into Accar woods and Bryn Cefn before heading onto the kennels driveway for port and cake. All this by 12.30, the hunt are not use to moving at this speed and they looks knackered tbf. So after a break they set off again, through Wigfair Estate and down towards Eryl Hall caravan park before heading back onto Cefn Road. Now still only 1.30pm and the riders all packed up… Strangely the huntsman Medcalf appeared to be trying to hide from us now, behind a tin shed! Although the hunt seemed to be behaving themselves some of the hunt supporters didn’t, two boys in a land-rover got told off by the police for blocking the road then swerving out at our vehicle! Naughty boys!

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