Who broke the Flint and Denbigh hunt?

Hit report 18/12/21

On Saturday the Flint and Denbigh hunt met at Mostyn Estate in Tre-Mostyn. But this time they didn’t set off from Mostyn Farm Rides who were keen to distance themselves from the hunt after what happened there last time (we won’t go into that at this stage as it’s a police matter). The hunt met in a random field and cakes were being handed out…. but unfortunately these weren’t Pats cakes, somebody else had took it upon themselves to make some cakes, to the annoyance of Pat who returned to her vehicle in a sulk. Lord Farquaad and Louis came over to us asking us not to film children as apparently this is illegal in their own made up laws, it was quite a surprise they’re so corcerns about laws made up or otherwise after breaking the law for 17 years. Farquaad went on to tell us “We are not hunting today” practically admitting they have been at ever other meet. He told us no trail had been laid today as it’s a fun ride and hound exercise.

“Mmmm this cakes better than usual”

Like the previous couple of meets the hunt set off as speed and unbelievably behaved themselves. It’s quite refreshing after witnessing this hunt breaking the law week in week out for the 11years we’ve been monitoring them. They rode around Mostly estate for a little over an hour before stopping for a break. At this point Pat saw her opportunity and got in there like a Pat of of hell to try offload her stale cake, but everybody seemed to have already filled up. The hunt set off again for another brief ride before the huntsman headed back to the hounds van at packed up by 12.45! Leaving some riders behind wondering what they’d paid for.

The sabs are here again

Whilst we can make jokes about what we’ve reduced this hunt to, it’s far to early to celebrate, only time will tell how long they’ll keep this up for.

We’ll stick some links in the comments section of ways you can support us. Thank you all so much for your kind support.

hunt packed up by 12.45pm

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