Flint and Denbigh hunt. 1/2/22 Kinmel Estate.

Hit report 1/2/22
Flint and Denbigh hunt at Kinmel Estate.

If this hunt had any sense at all they’d have cancelled this meet due to the high winds causing dangerous conditions. But as the day played out it seemed that the conditions went in the favour of the foxes with the hunt having very little success in getting onto any scents.

hounds prefer North Wales sabs

The hunt set off from Kinmel Estate at 11am, today they had decided to go with a “smokescreen” with a couple of riders wearing green bibs with the words “Line Layers” on the back, it took two of them to drag a rag around fields and at the edge of woodlands. We filmed their attempts at creating a smokescreen and to be honest they just looked ridiculous. The rag they dragged had no scent on it, as you could probably imagine fox pee (which they claim to be on the rag) absolutely stinks. Needless to say the hunt went nowhere near the imaginary trails, but instead headed to Coed Yr Meibion to try hunt some foxes. As unsuccessful as this was they did manage to flush deer and lose their hounds as whipper-in Wilby frantically rode up and down the road in a flap wondering what the heck he’s meant to be doing. Fortunately this was just a narrow country road and not the A55 or the B5381 which are on two sides of the estate, the poor control this hunt have over their hounds makes it only a matter of time before they do cause a serious accident. The hunt now headed towards the woods at Garden House, the terrier men (only 2 of them with 1 quad today) seemed more concerned with us as they followed us. We had alerted the police that the hunt were out, and they did turn up, we saw them drive through Kinmel Estate but then they parked up next the the Kinmel Arms and weren’t seen again all day. A theme for the day was lost hounds and when Wilby appeared from a woodland after some time one of the hounds had quite a lot of blood on the muzzle area, we’re hoping this hound hadn’t made a kill as we hadn’t heard any noise, although that can happen. Later on a second hound was taken back to the kennels after injuring itself on barb wire so just maybe that was what had also occurred to this hound.

no rest for the hunt

They moved off and crossed the B5381 onto the Glasscoed side the road. We drove around and cut them off via a footpath which goes through Bôd-ysgawen farm, the farmer surprised to see us as apparently the hunt hadn’t told him they’d be there. As the huntsman Medcalf worked along the river flushing more deer in the process we were once again joined by the terrier men. The hunt then headed to Nant y Graig before joining the road again. Some of the hunts riders haven’t brushed up on the updates to the highway code, particularly giving pedestrian right of way, some riders pushing passed our foot sabs and knocking them with their horses. The hunt were still struggling to keep control of the hounds, the huntsman telling the whipper-in “I don’t know where they are, they could be in the woods, they could be in the river.” The hunt moved on and Rob Medcalf attempted to hunt Coed Yr Dafarn in Bontnewydd. As the huntsman cast his hounds into the woodland making a burring sound to unsettle any resting foxes sabs were able to use voice calls to call the hounds straight back out, to the annoyance of the hunt. After spending a while fruitlessly searching for foxes in Coed Yr Dafarn the hunt headed over the tops towards Cefn Berain. Fortunately we didn’t witness the same scenes as last time they headed here, when they illegally hunted a brace of foxes that were then seen escaping through someones garden. The hunt turned back again went back to Nant y Graig with most the riders already left. By now it was 3pm and many of the hounds were lost, Greengrass and the terrier men were left to try gather loose hounds as the huntsman headed back to the kennels.

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