Penbedw Estate

Hit report 6/9/22
Flint and Denbigh hunt Cubbing
This morning at 8am the Flint and Denbigh hunt met at Penbedw estate in Nannerch hoping to go killing fox cubs. Penbedw estate doesn’t only host hunts and shoots but also is a wedding venue and campsite that you may wish to avoid. Captain Archdale really is scrapping the barrel having this lot of fox killers up there. On the arrival of sabs once again it was “Plan B” for the Flint and Denbigh hunt (let’s pretend to lay trails) and who better to put on the act of trail layer than the High Sheriff of Clwyd Zoe Henderson. We’ve been informed the High Sheriff had forgotten to declare a conflict of interests when meeting with the rural crime team to discuss wildlife crime.

Will Deague managing to stay on his horse for once

The hunt left the meet and headed through big woods before heading up hill towards the Clwydian range, sabs followed on the tough terrain up to higher ground which was the ideal opportunity to test out some of our fancy new equipment we’ve been able to buy over the Summer thanks to all the fundraising and all your support. The hunt had believe they were out of sight, and at this point they let their “smokescreen” down. Thinking they’d shaken us off the hunt reverted back to traditional cub hunting and they attempted to hold up the woodland around Moel Evan. With the “”smokescreen trail layers” stood on-point on one side and whipper-in Wilby on point on the other hounds started to pick up on a scent of a fox. Now was the time to let the hunt know we had them in view. As we descended on the hunt, whipper-in Wilby absolutely bottled it and abandoned his point on the side of the hill. A couple of hounds had tried to follow the line of the fox however the hunt were fully aware of our presence now and had to round the hound back up. Huntsman Medcalf heard once again raising his voice, no doubt at the hapless Wilby.

Why would the “trail layers” be stood on-point?

The hunt gathered the hounds and headed back along the footpath before cutting across fields back to the meet point, where we waited until every last one left… to the annoyance of the Captains son.

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Penbedw littered with shot birds.

wannabe fox cub killers

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