Smokescreens at the Flint and Denbigh hunt

Hit report 17/9/22

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We’ve got to claim a massive victory today. Seventeen years after the hunting act came into force and Seventeen years since the smokescreen known as “trail hunting” was invented, today the Flint and Denbigh hunt put on their most convincing act to date. Still there’s still the big question as to why they needed terrier men with terriers.

still got terriers in the box

The hunt met near their kennels at Cefn Meiriadog, which was the same meet as last time they were out on a Saturday, just goes to show how little land they have left to hunt on, and who can blame the landowners now that the police are looking into prosecuting landowners under section 3 of the hunting act for allowing illegal hunts on their land.

With sabs and a police car following the hunt headed over towards Groesffordd Marli before turning back… at this point they laid their first trail! To the delight of huntmaster Richard Darch who pointed out the fact to the sabs “look look they’ve laid a trail across that fields and the hounds will follow it to the other end” very strange comment to make Darchy as this is what the hunt are supposed to do. The hounds did follow, then were rounded up and another trail was laid on the other side of the Wigfair estate, and again they followed it… big round of applause 👏

a bit drunk

The green bib wearing smokescreen trail layers then headed over Coed y Esgob and back towards the meet point, the hunt followed shortly afterwards before packing up after only an hour and three quarters, actually following a trail must be tiring. That’s probably why Nige Cox was whinging all day, or more likely because we’ve ruined their animal abusing fun.

Toby Dunn doesn’t have much to say now days.

With the hunt back at the kennels we took our drone for a fly (the one we brought with your kind donations) our drone was then joined in the sky by a second drone belonging to the hunt terrier men. Unfortunately for them they flew it illegal close to us, but we’ll forgive them as the multi choice questions on the drone licence were probably a bit too advanced for them.

We are currently also out in the Cheshire badger cull zone, thanks for all your kind donations. Our donations link is in the comments section below.

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