Flint and Denbigh hunt attempting smokescreens

Hit report 15/10/22
Flint and Denbigh hunt at Kinmel Park.
When we saw more than the usual dozen horseboxes turning up at Kinmel estate this morning we thought maybe the Flint and Denbigh hunt actually had some friends and had invited another hunt along. But nah, once again they’d asked member of the pony club along to try and indoctrinate some youngsters… What sort of person would allow their children to participate is illegal and cruel hunting?

Robert Medcalf, Toby Dunn and Will Deague

Today they were in full smokescreen mode, we watched and filmed them attempting to lay their “smokescreen trail” straight from the meet. And fair enough the huntsman brought the hounds in this direction and tried putting them on the line. The huntsman Robert Medcalf blew away but the majority of the hounds had no interest in the line that had supposedly been laid, only a couple of the hounds actually picking up on it. The hunt then headed to Coed Y’r Meibion, similar to what the “trail layers” had done. Deer and sheep had already been flushed from the wood when a fox bolted and hounds gave chase in-cry. Thankfully due to sabs being well positioned the hunt had to call the hounds off. Both whips were sent to retrieve the hounds, and Toby admitted they’d got onto a fox and told us he was trying to get the hounds back. The hunt now headed off in the total opposite direction to where we’d witness the “trail layers” going.

Rob Smith will his terrier in the

As the hunt headed in the direction of the rookery it would appear the “trail layers” had forgotten they were out trying to create a smokescreen. Both “trail layers” as well as the hunts terrier man complete with terrier in the box, were sat on their horses in a gateway chatting for around 10minutes without realising they were being watched. At this point the hunt picked up on the scent of another fox, and the “trail layers” went into panic mode as they hadn’t covered that area… As the hounds were in-cry the “trail layers” dragged their rag in that direction to try cover their backs, by now they’d gotten themselves only a few feet in front of the huntsman as they frantically galloped to try create a “plausible smokescreen”. The huntsman then yelling at them to “GO AWAY”!. By how the hunt fully aware we had them surrounded, the terrier man, the “trail layers” and the huntsman all on their phones discuss the whereabouts of the sabs. The hunt had now come to a halt, which gave the opportunity for one of our sabs to return a dog (to a nearby house) that was loose and running scared from the hunt. The hunt supporters didn’t seem to know where the hunt were, and some of the riders were now all scattered. The hunt hacked around Pen y Bryn before heading back into Kinmel Park and packing up by 10.10am. Well all but one hound who decided to run off.

sabs on the Flint and Denbigh

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