Mostyn Estate allow illegal fox hunting.

Hit report 5/11/22
When we first came across a bunch of tatty looking folks rattling a tin in a field in Tre-Mostyn, we thought we’d come across people collecting for penny for the Guy, but we weren’t so lucky and instead it was the rabble from the Flint and Denbigh hunt.

easy mistake to make

We were joined by our good friends Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs as the F&D congregated I a field opposite Plas Uchaf farm, where hunt members had parked including the High Sheriff of Clwyd Zoe Henderson. Whilst Pat rattled her tin to scrounge enough pennies to keep this hunt operating a little longer, stale sausage rolls were handed out, which in all fairness was probably the highlight of the day for many of the riders, especially the tiny children they brought along for a day of chasing foxes.

Toby Dunn is a nasty little boy.

The hunt set off via Plas Uchaf and the huntsman Robert Medcalf cast the hounds into a woodland and they picked up on a fox and gave chase as the blood thirsty supporters looked on. The hunt chased the fox towards a valley, by now the huntsman had realised he’d been rumbled and frantically blew his horn to try retrieve the hounds, but as we’ve highlighted many time Rober Medcalf has very little control over these hounds. As the huntsman stood on top of the hill he sent whipper-in Will Deague to try get the hounds back, one of which was now wondering around peoples gardens in Tre-Mostyn. The problem the whipper-in was having is that he couldn’t get into the valley due to the thick brambles. Some of the hounds that came back up the valley were covered in mud that suggests they’d had their heads down a badger sett or fox earth. The hunt had only just left the meet at 11am when they got onto the fox, it was now 12.30 and they still hadn’t retrieved their hounds.
The huntsman was now screaming at the useless whipper-in to retrieve the hounds or other whip who had been stood on-point waiting for the fox to be flushed wasn’t much use either.

who does he think he is

The hunt finally moved off and headed to Wern Farm who host the Park Farm Rides, another business to avoid. The hounds briefly picked up on another scent before seemingly losing it. The hunts terrier out in their vehicles now decided to block in a sab vehicle and block the public highway, it’s nice to see the hunt finally finding a use for Rob 1 and Rob 2. The hunt crossed the road and into another woodland where they picked up on another fox and gave chase. It appears this fox was too smart for them as the hunt lost their hounds again. Once Medcalf finally gathered his hounds and headed back towards Pentre ffynnon farm they picked up on the line of the fox again, sabs used horn calls to divert the hounds off the line. Whipper-in I’m Toby Dunn famous for smacking his horse in the head with the hard end of his riding crop at this same meet last season, and also wrestling a sab over the body of a freshly killed fox in Trefnant last season, went ballistic! Ignoring the sab closest too him and riding towards another sabs frothing at the mouth as he screeched derogatory name. Toby is about as scary as Rob 0.5 who had been giving his hardest hard man look to sabs all day, oh how we laughed.

doesn’t this Rob look hard?

The furious hunt then headed back and packed up at 2.10pm it was as if they didn’t enjoy our presence.

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and this Rob 🤣

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