The bombing of Gaza

In this article I will outline my thoughts on Palestine, Hamas (And other rulers in waiting), the wider Palestinian resistance, Israel, the occupation, the apartheid regime and how I think we can contribute to the struggle. In my next post I will outline my thoughts of Zionism, Islamism, Imperialism, antisemitism and anti-Zionism.

As an anarchist my perspective comes from a thoroughly anti-national, anti-militarist, anti-imperialist; anti-fascist, atheist and class struggle perspective. I do not view things from a nationalist or statist perspective and I make no apologies for that. This is why on Palestine demos I never carry the Palestinian or any other national flag, I carry the red and black flag or the antifa flag (If any flag at all!) to reflect my libertarian communist position. I am with the Palestinian people (Arabs and non-Arabs) NOT with Hamas, Fatah, Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah or any other reactionary institutions and structures. I support the Palestinians against corruption, occupation, apartheid and imperialism and I fully support the right of the Palestinian working-class to arm itself, defend itself and repel occupation by whatever means THEY deem necessary including but, not limited to, the use of physical force. Of course I have my own opinions on this for example, bombing innocent people and suicide bombings for examples on buses and in restaurants are regressive and disgusting.

The West Bank and Gaza are under a state of siege from which they are being slaughtered by the world’s fourth (Or fifth?) ‘best’ military, The Israeli “Defence” Force [sic]. Since 1948 the Palestinians have been subjected to an imperialist occupation by a Western imperialist proxy state. They have been subjected to a regime of genocide and ethnocide. Gaza and the West Bank are open-air prisons in which unspeakable poverty is rife! Gaza, the West Bank and Israel (The area of Palestine under total occupation) is a military state. Gaza is surrounded on all sides with a blockade, walls, a military and a pro-Zionist regime to the South in the form of the current Egyptian government.

In case you have not guessed, I’m not going to argue the case for statehood. Palestine is a physical piece of land with a name and encompassing a variety of ethnic groups in which for a long time both Jews and Muslims along with others, lived together for a very fucking long time.

To me Hamas are reactionary and what could be considered as an element of a Palestinian ruling-class both currently and in waiting. They are Islamists, homophobic, anti-Semitic and often kill innocent people for example in the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing amongst others. This is not military or police people being targeted but a deliberate targeting of innocent civilians. Whilst it is true that this is nothing which the Israeli war machine has not visited on the Palestinian people ten-fold daily but such instances of dare I say it, murder, is not the legitimate targeting of soldiers, police or intelligence staff; but the deliberate targeting of civilians (Again, of which the IDF does not fare any better in fact, are worse).

In Gaza they rule with an iron grip and many say but “oh, they are the democratically elected government of Gaza” but then again the same people I hear argue that are the same people who I have heard criticise Margaret Thatcher (Who was “democratically” elected) and hey, Adolf Hitler by that standard was also “democratically” elected! Since when has any group been automatically acceptable on the basis that they were “democratically” elected? Hamas engage in the execution of political rivals, outlawed homosexuality, targetted trade unionists and engaged in other repressive activities such as not allowing unmarried young men and women to hang-out together. Hamas have seized trade union offices, broke strikes and kidnapped trade unionists. Summary executions are a Hamas staple.

In short, anyone with any decent politics will not continuously apologise and support by whatever means a bunch of pseudo-fascist Islamist bellends like Hamas.

Secular Palestinian nationalists do not fare much better either such as when the military wing of Fatah, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, attacked the Palestine Workers’ Radio for the crime of “stoking internal conflicts”.

A free Palestine can not be ran by such people as that is a clearly documented matter of harsh reality. I recognise that this is coming from a privileged position and I am not in the game of preaching to Palestinians (Or anyone else for that matter) about their own struggle because of course they will always know far better than I do about the situation. My sentiments regarding Hamas, Fatah etc. though are shared by many Palestinians of which one organised group being Gaza Youth Breaks Out so I am not alone in this way of thinking. Of course I am going to have an opinion, that is natural, which is reflected not only by my anarchist politics and ideas but also by my privileged position of being born, brought up and living in the West. This can not be avoided. “How do you expect them to defend themselves then?” I hear many say. Well that is for the Palestinians to decide themselves, I am just speaking out loud with my personal opinion here.

Ultimately it is exclusively up to the Palestinian people how they want to resist and any attempt to say otherwise is a subtle form of imperialism but of course this is coming from such a privileged opinion on the subject. In terms of armed resistance; I would probably find it preferable to have autonomous and libertarian armed groups. Ones which take the fight directly to the Israeli military and wider state apparatus and act against reactionaries such as Hamas, Fatah etc. in defence of the Palestinians.

How can we resist outside of Palestine? Well, MANY ways and I will only mention some but through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, through awareness, through demonstrations and protests, through cultural and social events, union actions, disobedience etc. We need to disrupt the normal relations with the state of Israel, Israeli commerce and other Israeli economic interests. The list goes on but what we need to do is not just preach but do and not just do but become part of the Palestinian struggle by getting behind or alongside the Palestinians. We should not exist outside or attempt to lead it but fight from within it. We can no longer sit idly by, observing and cheerleading but need to entrench ourselves in the struggle. We need to form new anti-imperialist structures and initiatives and also form anti-Kahanist groups as a matter of anti-fascist solidarity from abroad.

Since the 8th July 2014 Gaza has been having the absolute shit pounded out of it by a particularly brutal and well-backed military machine. Upwards of 500 innocent people have been murdered since then (0 on the Israeli side), many more displaced, had their homes destroyed and infrastructure decimated. The images and videos I am seeing are of children with their skulls blasted apart, with guts spilling out of their bodies and with limbs missing. Schools and hospitals are being bombed, people being shot in the streets and children playing football on the beach are having bombs dropped on them. The streets are running red with the blood of innocent people and the Dead Sea is taking on a whole new meaning.

The kidnap and murder of an innocent Palestinian by Israeli settlers is fucking vile as is the kidnap and murder of three innocent Israeli teenagers. What we have now though is wholesale genocide.

What I think is different from Operation Protective Shield (The current slaughter in Gaza) as opposed to the last mass slaughter during Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009) is the severity and also the world-wide reaction. The anti-apartheid and anti-Israeli state feeling is building and gaining an upsurge in pace. The numbers engaging in protests are massively higher and a union (Unite), countries and celebrities are supporting BDS. I am not one for celebrity worship but I can not really deny that it is a positive sign when celebrities express their support whether through words or actions.

We can not sit by and allow this to happen because our inaction and silence is our complicity. We can not simply observe whilst genocide is being committed, we can not claim ignorance, the means to find the information and act are right before our very eyes. We must show our support and solidarity by actively becoming part of this struggle, we must get behind the Palestinian people on this. This is a struggle against racism, apartheid, genocide, imperialism and militarism. It is an anti-capitalist struggle to it’s core. Politics aside though, it is the right thing to do. In the 1930s and 1940s people around the world could claim a certain level of unwilful ignorance towards things like the Nanjing Massacre and the Nazi holocaust in Europe but now there is absolutely no excuse other than wilful ignorance. Now we have social media, a highly interactive and well organised alternative media, there’s also certain mainstream media outlets (Albeit not many) etc. It is our duty to bear witness to this, spread the word and most importantly, act! We need to hold those complicit to task starting primarily with this country’s (United Kingdom) economic, cultural, sporting (Although I do kind of like Hapoel Tel Aviv), academic and social relations with the Israeli state and commerce. No anarchist worth their salt will ignore this.

To this end I would like to express my solidarity and extend my offer of support to the Palestinian people and the Jews resisting Zionism both in Palestine and abroad.

Martin Wright on Owen Jones

Martin Wright totally nails it with his response to Owen Jones’ bullshit article on 14/07/2014.

Watch it here:

Frank and straight to the point, solid opinions with no bullshit.

I would also like to recommend Martin Wright’s other videos which can be viewed at:

Wish you all good viewing and Owen, please, just shut the fuck up!


A. Mere-Prole

Owen Jones exclusive!



Owen Jones, the voice of the downtrodden masses, has been able to reveal today that the polar bear which attacked and killed Etonian Horatio Chapple is infact a Class War member!

Here is an extract from Jones’ Guardian article:

“The polar bear which attacked and killed Horatio Chapple I can reveal, through investigation, is indeed a member of Class War and disciple of veteran anarchist ruffian Ian Bone. The polar bear known simply as ‘Hackney Chris’ is a former Hackney squatter with convictions for accosting yuppies and was recently arrested for ruffing up hipsters in Dalston and Shoreditch. He was also investigated by Metropolitan Police Special Branch for allegedly spearheading the Poll Tax riots in 1990 and the Battle of Waterloo in 1992. It was this reputation as a street-thug which earned him the nickname “White Riot” on Special Branch intelligence files.

‘Hackney Chris’ joined Class War in 1983 with Sean Mason and went missing sometime around 2012 only to resurface in the icy plains of Svalbard, Norway when he attacked and killed Mr. Chapple. This confirms the long held suspicion that Class War is full of dangerous street-thugs. Norwegian Police and the Metropolitan Police administered National Domestic Extremism Unit are liaising to bring this animal to justice. I will be writing and releasing a book on the life and crimes of ‘Hackey Chris’ which will be priced at a very affordable 60 pounds and 33 pence”. (Owen Jones 14/07/2014, Guardian)

(Disclaimer: Just to avoid confusion I would like to point out that this article is not taking the piss out of the death of Horatio Chapple but taking the piss out of Owen Jones, his mindset and his actual Guardian article dated 14/07/2014)

No shit Sherlock!


The church is rife with paedos? Really? Well that’s news to me!

I just wonder when the EDL/Infidels/BNP/NF/Britain First are going to start organising and/or speaking out against the church…probably never because remember, only nonces who happen to be from a Muslim background are a problem and not the rest!

Another blog

I will be creating another blog for my more “theoretical” (For lack of a better term) posts on current and historical events and theories.

I am building it at the moment and will post it up here when it is done.

I am doing this so that I don’t overload my primary blog, this one, with theory etc. which like I said creates a ghetto mentality which is something I have always said we need to avoid and break down.

Theory is not a bad thing, not at all, but theory alone is nonsense. Theory without action is useless and that is the ethos of my other blog which I am building.

So, over and out Chief!

Nonces in Parliament

Leon Glitter

So there are nonces in Parliament, is that any surprise? It’s been an open secret for years, I knew this when I was shitting in my nappies (OK, not literally since then but I hope you catch my drift). The thing is that there will be nonces climbing over other politico nonces in order to hang each other out to dry and this thing is going to explode. It is deep and goes right to the very top of the state (The monarchy) with Jimmy Saville’s questionable relationship with Prince Charles (Their “little angels”) and the subsequent cover-up there.

You do of course get nonces and paedo rings in every walk of life, we are well aware of that horrible fact, but with Parliament there is a concentration of power there and that is ultimately what nonces are about. Paedophilia is about power, hierarchy and dominance.  Horrible people such as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which is now defunct, may abuse the idea of sexual liberation and dress it up as so but sexual liberation is about breaking down dominance and hierarchy in our sexual relations NOT upholding them with things such as paedophilia etc.

So who has been put in charge of the investigation then? The sister of the person in charge of the initial cover-up…work that one out!

Anyway, this thing is going to explode and people are going to be hung out to dry (Rightly so!) whilst all of the undiscovered nonces go back to business as usual. I don’t think it is going to explode for all of the right reasons though, the state is going to cover its own back and the back of their paedo cronies by hanging a few out to dry and giving the veneer that they give a shite which we all know they do not. They do not give a shite because it is part of the culture there and if they really did give a toss, this would have happened years ago. It goes right to the top.

I suppose we will all have to wait and see what happens.

Nazis in Tottenham

Another late one:

I’m going to keep this one brief!

After what had been a pretty eventful day with the demo., the SWP, some of the Class War crowd coming together for the first time in ages we headed back to our usual London haunt.

About 2 hours after arrival and we hear that a sizeable group of Polish nazis are in Tottenham and had assaulted a random lone Jewish lad and stole his kippah from him (Kippah being the traditional headwear otherwise known as a ‘skull cap’).
They then went on to a park in the Tottenham area where a community techno event was going on and decided to cause some shit there and try to cause a fight and a fight they got!

They were beaten out of the park minus two nazis who stood but one of them got so frustrated that he took his t-shirt off and started hitting people with it.

Flares were thrown by the nazis (Which were thrown back at them), someone (One of the event goers) was stabbed by a nazi and the nazis got punched, kicked and bottled out of the park, things had well and truly backfired on them.

The police knew they were in the area and were going to cause shit at the event but despite this they were nowhere until the nazis started taking a battering.

One Polish nazi got nicked and on event goer suffered superficial slash wounds and was out of hospital that same evening.

Britain First have praised the nazis because the nazis apparently ‘took on antifa’ (???). A lone Jewish lad and a community festival, yeah, nice one, you really showed the reds didn’t you?…set of arse wipes!
So here we have it, the scumbags at Britain First praising the attack of a lone Jewish lad by 40 Polish nazis and an attack on a community festival. Also you have British nationalists cheerleading Polish nationalists to ‘fight antifa’ in London (Which surely negates one of the concepts behind nationalism?) because Britain First are too much of a bunch of bottle jobs to do it themselves.

Squadron 161 (Dywizjon 161), the London-based Polish anti-fascist group, responded along with London Black Revolutionary Socialists and London Anti-Fascists.
All three groups deserve our full support and we should get behind them all but when it comes to Polish nazis, especially Squadron 161. They are all a good bunch and I express my full solidarity towards
them in their fight.

Toodle pip!

Trot Stuff

I have been a bit late with this part but here it is.

So at the end of the People’s Assembly demo on Saturday 21st a few of us had a little altercation
with the SWP in Parliament Square. All along the route we were giving the SWP shit and calling
them out on their rape apology and police collusion in getting anti-fascists nicked.

It was really just an exchange of words until one gobby little middle-class shit-head began assaulting
someone among our group. I challenged them on this (With significant distance between me and the person doing the assaulting)
by saying “Wooo, don’t fucking touch her, get your hands off her”. The one doing the assaulting then got up in my face saying “don’t you hit me, don’t you dare put your hands on me” and then another middle-class SWP shit-bag gets right up in my face telling me to “stop hitting women” (Despite being a significant distance away from the one doing the assaulting and not actually laying a hand upon anyone!). I then respond with “no, I don’t assault women, I’m not in the SWP” and then, quite outrageously I was informed by one of the SWP shit-rag pushers that my dress was “intimidating to women”, my dress consisting of white trainers, jeans and a blue Rockport jacket…stuff of Ted Bundy that is! I was then asked by the same person “why do you have your face covered?”…errrm, really? I then said “are you mad? Where? I don’t have my face covered! Look!” (Waving my hands in front of my face), I did not actually have my face covered at all.

Then some middle-class tool of an SWPer started by saying to me (In a nice middle-class accent) “why don’t you just fuck off back to your public school, go on, go home to mummy and daddy” and “you’re all insignificant” (Why you getting riled up then?).

I then flipped simply because here was a middle-class Trot calling me, a working-class person (Something he probably wishes or thinks he is), “middle-class” this and that.
So I just started telling him “just fuck off you middle-class arsehole” bla bla bla and obviously because he was playing the prole that
day he did not like that and got so angry that other SWPers had to take him away. Usually this would not have bothered me, you get used to it and you just take it on the chin and laugh. What bothered me was the bare faced cheek of the little shit!

Then one of them started on someone else I was with saying “you’re just a little girl, you know nothing, you’re just a little girl” (Ageism anyone?). Nice to know you are the ones that will give any youth a voice.

Then out of nowhere this random lad pops up and starts having a go at the SWP by saying things like “why are you still here?, what are you doing?” and some other things I did not really hear. The SWP said in response “you know nothing, run along” and he then said to the SWP “I used to be in Bristol SWP, I know exactly what you’re all like” and “I had the sense to leave” and what did the SWP say in response? Nothing! What could they say to that? Here is someone actually in the know, knows it from the inside ripping them apart.
So I shook his hand and we wished each other well and then we left the SWP and fucked off to find the others billeted in a pub just off Parliament. Also on another unusual and positive note, I walked away simply because I could not be arsed anymore. So I went to get an anti-fascist leaflet in support of Ukranian anti-fascists which I seen someone handing out. They were from the Morning Star and actually expressed disbelief at the attitude and behaviour of the SWP. The Morning Star siding with anarchists? Well I suppose there is a first for everything. Nice one!

Consclusion? I am a middle-class public school mammy and daddy’s boy lifestyleist who is only going to end up getting a job in the City of London anyway (Projection?). This whilst assaulting women who are standing a significant distance away from me (Way out of reach), dressing in an intimidating manner (Casual) and covering my face despite not actually covering it. I suppose that is me told then! Oh, an if you are young then you know absolutely NOTHING and do not deserve a voice and a critical stance.
Where the SWP is concerned though they are a bunch of increasingly insignificant rabbid patronising, insincere middle/upper-class rape apologist ageist hysterical knackers.
We do not really need to confront them in order to bring them down, they do that for themselves. I think we should do this because it is a laugh and it rubs salt into the wound whilst watching go further and further down. What was interesting though was the fact that they never came back with a direct response on the rape apology accusations instead coming back with unrelated drivel and own self-projections. But really? What could they say and do in response to what is common knowledge anyway? Deny it and dig a deeper hole for themselves? They can not deny it but each little word they utter they are digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves so how about helping them on a little?

Peace out!

(Note: I use a lot of “middle-class” this and middle-class that but I will create a post about first what I think working-class and the class system is and second, clarifying my thoughts and opinions on middle-class activists)