Is this the end of Redrow’s social apartheid?

Redrow have had to halt development at Morello in Croydon because it can not pay the required 360,000 pounds for community facilities. They are either unwilling to pay (Most likely) or are unable to pay (Highly unlikely as they are a HUGE company) and as a result ALL work has ceased on the site. Also Redrow have been given a triple kick with this and also with Class War’s double campaign against Redrow’s socially segregated housing in Croydon and Whitechapel.

There was also a plan to roll out socially segregated housing (Rich doors/poor doors) across the country but this plan is looking very bleak indeed for Redrow.

The only people I feel sorry as a result of the halt are the workers but there is an easy solution to that problem, build more “social housing” and give them the work.

Keep up the pressure, kick Redrow whilst they are down!

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